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South Korean travel retail giant Lotte Duty Free is to open a 1,598sq m duty miễn phí store at the upscale Trang Tien Plaza in the centre of Hanoi next December. Lotte Duty Free signed a contract with renowned Vietnamese retailer IPPG, which operates Trang Tien Plaza, in the capital yesterday.

The contract was struchồng to “preemptively prepare” for a recovery in travel demand after the COVID-19 pandemic eases, Lotte Duty Free said.

IPPG, founded in 1985, is the pioneer of Vietnam’s luxury and travel retail sectors. It claims a 70% mô tả of the Vietnamese luxury market. Subsidiary IPP. Travel Retail operates a range of stores, food & beverage outlets & advertising services at Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai, Da Nang and Phu Quoc airports as well as land border duty không lấy phí shops.

The store will be opened on the sixth floor of Trang Tien Plaza after a year’s preparation. Trang Tien Plaza is the oldest luxury shopping mall in Hanoi, boasting over 110 luxury boutiques and global fashion brands.


Celebratory moments in Hanoi after the agreement is struck lớn open a world-class duty miễn phí store in the heart of the Vietnamese capital

It is located near Hoàn Kiếm Lake, a freshwater lake in the historical heart of the thành phố which surrounds the famous Ngoc Son Temple, a pagoda that sits on a small islvà in the centre. The lake is one of Hanoi’s most popular tourist destinations and will help draw big crowds lớn the new store, Lotte Duty Free said.

The signing ceremony in Hanoi was attended by company executives và VIPs, including Kyên ổn Eui Joong, Commercial Counsellor of Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Vietnam; Park Suk Won, Head of Lotte Duty Free’s Vietnamese business; Park Chang Young, Head of Lotte Duty Free Global Business HQ; Nguyen Manh Quyen, Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee; và Johnathan Hanh Nguyen, Chairman of IPP Group.

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Trang Tien Plaza was inspired by classical French architecture. In 2013, IPPhường. Galleria invested over US45 million to lớn renovate và construct over 110 retail stores across multiple upscale categories including fashion, cosmetics, watches, jewellery, leathergoods, shoes, và food.


IPPG Chairman Johnathan Hanh Nguyen is one of Vietnam’s most respected and influential business figures. He is a pioneer of the luxury and travel retail sectors and airport non-aeronautical revenues. He is also Chairman of Southern Airports Services Joint Stoông xã Company (SASCO) & of Cam Ranh International Airport Company

The Lotte Duty Free Hanoi downtown store will feature a differentiated offer and environment allowing customers lớn experience a variety of experiences by combining Vietnamese cultural characteristics and Korean Wave sầu (Hallyu) nội dung.

The interior will feature rattan cane materials to evoke the atmosphere of Vietnam, while local destination merchandise & coffee shops will add to lớn the sense of place. In addition, a K-pop zone will be created so that customers can experience Hallyu culture.

A high-quality hàng hóa offer will be anchored by leading international cosmetics và perfume names, as well as domestic beauty brands that are gaining considerable popularity abroad.

“We expect that overseas travel demand will gradually recover from the second half of next year,” said Park Chang-young, head of Lotte Duty Free’s Global Business Division.

Lotte Duty Free currently operates 12 stores in six countries. In Vietnam giới, it has stores at Da Nang International Airport (opened May 2017), Cam Ranh International Airport (June 2018) and Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport (July 2019). It also plans khổng lồ open a downtown store in Da Nang, a well-advanced project, once the crisis is over.


IPPhường. Travel Retail runs a diverse array of airport commercial services, including retail, food & beverage và advertising, plus duty không tính phí border stores