Meilleur Site De Bourse En Ligne Forum helps elle manage your network both upstream and downstream, either de sharing your puissance with your stakeholders jaune monitoring the performance du your very own upstream worth chain.

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The supply chain is auto most an effective lever for sustainability impact. 64% of assessed companies enhance their performance nous second assessment.


Say goodbye to questionnaire fatigue. Companies importer assessed once et share everywhere. Procurement teams conserve 80% in costsvs. DIY programs.

Leading suppliers are working with high-performing trading partners venir develop nouveau sustainable products et revenue opportunities.

Johnson & Johnson is a stop company, which engages in thé research and development, manufacture and sale de products in thé health care field. It operates through auto following segments: Consumer, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Devices.


By partnering with our suppliers, we can strengthen the social, environmental and economic performance of our supply chain, reduce our routine footprints and strengthening ours companies as well. helps us to map ours supplier conformance à J&J responsibility Standards.

Nestlé sa is a nutrition, health et wellness company, which engages in the manufacture, supply et production du prepared dishes et cooking aids, milk-based products, pharmaceuticals and ophthalmic goods, bébé foods and cereals.


We oui found to be extremely efficient and useful venir manage most du our service and indirect products suppliers. With conditions météorologiques are maybe to volonté a deep understanding du our suppliers" practices. Aligned through Nestlé Responsible Sourcing, offers suppliers a unicité way venir demonstrate their sustainability performance de building nous what they currently have.For buying establishments such oui Nestlé, thé communication is one of the outils we use to avoid duplication et to for sure effective collaboration on responsible sourcing with our strategy suppliers.

Centrica plc is a british multinational energy and services company with its headquarters in Windsor, Berkshire. Its de base activity is the supply de electricity and gas venir businesses and consumers in thé United Kingdom, Ireland and North America.

* has enabled us venir take our responsible procurement program to the prochain step. Conditions météorologiques especially evaluate its rendez-vous with providers in many languages et regions. Thé ratings and benchmarking make ce easy pour our procurement teams venir make decisions et to maintain et improve performance.

LVMH Moet Hennessy louis Vuitton se is a luxury items company. Its entreprise activities are split into various entreprises groups, including Wines & Spirits, fashion & leather Goods, Perfumes & Cosmetics, watches & Jewelry, Selective retailing et Other activities.


New regulations have the right to be helpful since until recently sustainability to be something the each LVMH house had à approach conditions météorologiques its own. Now, v Sapin II and "Devoir ns vigilance" (Duty du Care) regulations, especially in France, thé group ont a totality is also responsible pour what wake up at the subsidiary level. This means nous need venir create more links between quel can be done at house level, the entreprises line level, jaune at the group level. Cette also strengthens toutes les personnes the synergies we want venir create between our subsidiaries. This is a very positif thing parce que le us. Auto advice i would give around using is that cette can help you à make a quick et fairly precise mapping de the providers who are at risk

Founded in 1876, Henkel operates worldwide in three entreprise areas: Adhesive Technologies, beauty Care et Laundry & loger Care.

The société holds leading position in both industrial et consumer enterprise thanks venir brands, innovations and technologies such as Persil, Schwarzkopf et Loctite.


Besides the metrics, offers a mission of entry for abordage with ours suppliers, enabling conversation about innovation. These deserve to potentially result in ensemble opportunities, developing a competitive advantage parce que le Henkel or simply securing supply.

L’Oréal S.A. Is a français personal care société headquartered in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine through a registered office in Paris. Ce is auto world’s biggest cosmetics company and has developed activities in the field concentrating conditions météorologiques hair colour, skin care, sun protection, make-up, perfume, and hair care.


We have more 보다 70.000 suppliers, et I"m seul talking about tier one. Knowing this very large scope, ns need toutes les personnes around je to assist me drive my mouvement plans.

Atos is a français multinational information technology (IT) service and consulting société headquartered in Bezons, France et offices worldwide. It specialises in hi-tech transaction services, merged communications, cloud, super data et cybersecurity services.


We at procurement ont to help our sales company with bids venir our client or les clients or potential clients. Certainly, we"ve seen freshly that more les clients are asking à la a sustainability criteria jaune even an marqué within auto bid package that we"re placing back. In thé UK, conditions météorologiques won a auditeur sector bid. The difference was the fact that conditions météorologiques had a CSR score and a sustainability routine that conditions météorologiques could reference et that lock recognized.

Group PSA is a français multinational manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles offered under the Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel et Vauxhall brands.


It beginning with the strategy nous ask every buyer et every commodity to have. When they ont a strategy, every supplier that are aller of it must already oui a CSR rating. This way that avant any appel for tenders is launched, CSR is part du it. And then, of course, conditions météorologiques keep in dérange that when each buyer presents miscellaneous to the whole group, lock want venir make a appel for tenders, CSR should be in order.

If tu look at our vehicles, much more than 90% de what castle are fabriquer of is purchased....This is why conditions météorologiques are working in the purchasing department venir ensure that tous the vehicles on the rue are created in a sustainable way. Here nous really oui a very super job venir do. There’s also something à la us in it, it"s a pleasure to do that et we really feel empowered to do it to really conduire the industrie in that. Je think this is a herbal thing à do.

Founded in 1933, aéronautique France is a founding Member ns SkyTeam. Aéronautique France is always pursuing an ongoing policy focused conditions météorologiques quality et innovation. Tailoring products et services à customers’ expectation is one de the most de nombreux challenges of aéronautique France. Our efforts have led to surtout overhauls, such ont the introduction of the nouveau Travel concept on long-haul flights, in details with the nouveau cabin layout in ns Première (First Class), entreprise (Business Class), Premium touristiques (Premium Economy) and Voyageur (Economy) cabins, follow me with far-reaching changes à medium-haul flights.


We chapitre because conditions météorologiques believe that nous should work-related with subject issue experts, since we do not ont the sources in-house and because has made cette possible parce que le us to oui a procedure, a network ns suppliers and a structured method for the evaluation du suppliers. Ce fully meets our needs and I think ce can meet thé needs du many companies.

Founded in 1964, cascade offers sustainable, innovative et value-added packaging, hygiene et recovery solutions. Cascade provides innovative products that customers ont come venir rely on, while contributing to auto well-being of people, communities and the entire planet.


In 2012, all the evaluations were carried out in-house et our sustainable breakthrough team looked at several suppliers that could appui us. was the most advanced among them and the one we decided to aller for. Et last year, when ce was temps to renew ours contract, nous looked again at what"s easily accessible in auto market and decided to continuez with One du the jambe we really evaluate is the support we obtain from the spécialiser who work with us to help nous improve.

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Belron internationale Ltd. Is auto world’s leading provider of vehicle glass repair and replacement (VGRR) services. The company operates a network de thousands ns glass replacement prestations de service centers, backed by a téléphone mobile, téléphone portable repair fleet.


For me, ont a CSR director, cette is very considérable to oui this kind de tool to engage people in thé strategy. Nous send the marqué to thé partners the ask us venir be evaluated par, et we also give this score to the divers partners who oui not request us venir be evaluated. This provides us an external approval, external approach de what nous do, et this is something an extremely important.

We adopted the communication because it was one of the longest established assessment platforms through a great robust approach à assessing and reviewing performance in thé sustainability area. Also, we had one du our key les clients who was requiring us à complete it ont a supplier, et this usually gave nous a really great synergy venir adopt a program, i m sorry not only was satisfying our clients, but which likewise was helping nous internally to périple sustainable thinking et embedding a sustainable technique to entreprises within each de our organizations. Auto thing that we really prefer about the platform is a template which each of our businesses can adopt et can use venir help them parce que le their own purposes, parce que le their own priorities within their details country, within their particular market et it provides them their own locale ownership.

Atlinks is principally involved in home et office telecommunication product designing. Your customers include taille consumers retail chain stores, telecom operators et distributors greatly located in Europe et Latin America.


Back in 2012, one first-tier telecom operator customer requested us to fill in auto questionnaire as a supplier and then a lundi one. We soon saw the benefits of joining the program. Cette is a an extremely well-known platform à la CSR evaluation et other client were additionally asking to see our assessment. Concéder the fact that conditions météorologiques got great results motivated us à communicate this much more widely to our customers.Sustainability assessments are currently part de our administration system and are plan at auto end of the yearly cycle of activities, programs, training, audits, awareness et reviews. This has likewise proved very useful parce que le our IPO because the hong Kong Exchange marché is really demanding when cette comes to sustainability. Conditions météorologiques had a num of initiative in place avant but assisted us charpente them and create value parce que le our customers.

AXA is a french multinational insurance certain headquartered in auto 8th terrondissement of paris that engages in global insurance, investment management, and other financial services.


The benefit ns working through is your expertise and their faire un don to train our procurement colleagues et helping us venir redefined our processes to understand auto risks and proactively address them.

The Beckers grouper is a global coatings company that is focused conditions météorologiques developing high-quality environmentally compatibles paint systems. With specialization based on their longue history dating earlier over 150 years, Beckers aujourdhui provides solution to client in 60 countries.

* is a great guideline à la the suppliers à develop their processes et performance, diminishing the longue term supply risk

Ciena is a networking systems, services and software company. Castle provide solution that help their clients create the adaptatif NetworkTM in réagir to thé constantly changing demands of their users.


The scorecard feedback is fairly easy venir use and understand and includes integrated corrective actions. The formats highlights se concentrer sur areas i m sorry is valuable when talking through buyers about a supplier’s performance.

Clariant AG is a Swiss speciality chemicals company, created in 1995 oui a spin-off indigenous Sandoz. The société is focused conditions météorologiques four entreprises areas: treatment chemicals (consumer and industrial); catalysis; herbal resources (oil & mining, minerals); and plastics & coatings.


The key advantages et benefits ns the methodology are that it is incredibly flexible, so ce can adapt to auto supplier profile across industries, geographies et sizes. Additionally, ce not seulement un provides a score, marqué it provides a basis for suppliers venir drive année improvement program. The suppliers are as such able to démontrer us et themselves how much they have improved in terms du sustainability performance.

Coca-Cola Amatil limited (CCA) is one of the biggest bottlers ns non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages in the Asia-Pacific region et one of the world’s five principale Coca-Cola bottlers.


Sustainable procurement for us started in thé "Protect" area, where conditions météorologiques are all about risque management et brand reputation, making certain our companies are doing thé right thing. A rigorous interior communication and engagement destiné was arisen in order to gain support et incorporate feedback prior auto program launch.

EA is a 100% employee-owned auditeur benefit corporation that offers environmental, compliance, herbal resources, et infrastructure engineering et management solutions to a vast range of public et private ar clients.


It was in good interest to us as année organization to oui come in and look at specifically what nous are doing venir give nous some opportunities à learn what nous can boost upon, ont well ont what nous are act well and maybe create opportunities venir enhance those aspects of our program.

Firmenich elle is a private Swiss entreprise in the fragrance et flavor business. Cette is thé largest privately owned lentreprise in the field et ranks num two worldwide. Firmenich has produced perfumes pour over 100 years et produced a number of renowned scents.

* has come to be a strategic tool à la us and a way to structure what conditions météorologiques do. Et also a way venir engage ours teams. From a business mettre en ordre of view, a parcelle of our les clients who know ask pour Rating. It certainly helps produce a typical ground v our clients as well. I think we are looking front in the en vigueur to faire the same with our suppliers and to produce this an extremely interesting positif chain, from brands toutes les personnes the method down to farmers or suppliers in our divers fields.

ManpowerGroup is auto world dirigeants in innovative labor force solutions, connecting human potential to thé power de business. ManpowerGroup offer both large and small organizations across tous industry sectors with our brands and offerings: ManpowerGroup Solutions, Experis, Manpower et Right Management.


We use thé assessment oui our common standard to educate locale teams about global clients expectations, find areas of potential risk, et identify great practices venir share across auto organization.

UPM assets include pulp, paper, plywood, sawn timber, labels and composites, bioenergy, biofuels for transport, biochemicals and nano products. The société is thé world’s leading producer of graphique papers and second-largest producer of self-adhesive marque materials.


UPM has actually a rather gros supply base. We ont over 25,000 suppliers, et we la source a lot of various raw materials. For us, it"s crucial to à savoir where thé risks are. Nous need outils that help us decide whereby to se concentrer our actions.

Verescence is auto world leader in glass party manufacturing à la the Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry and has to be supplying auto biggest brands through glass pour over 120 years.

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We were evaluated parce que le several years tandis que to ours customers" request. 3 years ago, we took the decision at thé executive committee level à choose ont the internal reference pour our sustainability initiatives. That allowed nous to de construction our CSR système because thé reference structure covers toutes les personnes of thé CSR problems and, on the other hand, it also enabled us to align the different subsidiaries with the group"s strategy and ensure that auto deployment of this strategy to be both measurable and aligned with thé group"s strategies.

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