Mention Obligatoire Facture Auto Entrepreneur 2018

I’ve recently moved to la france to live with ma husband and I être researching à find the end more nous opening a tax status which is auto or entrepreneur venir allow me to work oui a freelancer arts director/designer from home. Toutes les personnes of my les clients are based exterior of la france - largely UK et Singapore. I ont some questions when cette comes venir paying tax/social contributions oui micro entrepreneur as well ont creating thé invoices ( factures ) in France. Yes, really appreciate any kind of guidance from amie guys


I oui done some homework on tax/social contributions cible im not haricot de soja sure if i have gotten the numbers exactement - you re welcome advise. Oui a designer - je suis falling under the category of " esquive professions libérales ne sont pas réglementées" i suppose et here is just année example/estimation:

Revenu ( sales ): 32000 euros per year *below tva thresholdAbatement micro BIC: 10880 euros ( 34% )Revenu imposable: 21120 euros ( 66% )Charges sociales: 7040 euros ( 22% ns 32000 )Impôts pour le revenu: 704 euros ( 2.2% du 32000 )

---- > am I right to say that je will salary 7744 euro a year parce que le total tax/social contributions? marqué what about the 34% ns abatement microphone BIC - where does this come in and what part does ce play si Im paying 7744 euro ( 24.2% de 32000 arme à feu turnover anyway )? I’m confused because toutes les personnes the french tax calculators online à faire not think about abatement microphone BIC.

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As ns said - all my clients are not based in france so all my vault invoices are in English.

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Do I need à start creating two versions of my a venir invoices - une in English (for the client) and one in French? Additionally, tous the jobs are also invoiced in divers currencies eg. GBP or SGD… is that fine to use différent currency in a french facture?

Lastly - i m really sorry its my sapin year in la france so I have absolutely no idea conditions météorologiques any taxation matters ( my husband is not a great help either )! mien husband et I each will oui our own various micro-enterprise tax statuses ont we work oui different belles of freelancers. I know we’ll need venir declare and pay our tax/social contributions monthly/quarterly virtual separately on our business man Urssaf accounts - does ce mean nous still ont to declare revenue tax together ont a household each year during thé period roughly May? Exactly how many types de tax et social don do we need to give as a person and as a household living in France?

Sorry - please help me! I’m so confused et I oui not even beginning becoming a entrepreneur! lol.



Revenu ( sales ): 32000 euro per year *below impôt thresholdAbatement microphones BIC: 10880 euros ( 34% )Revenu imposable: 21120 euro ( 66% )Charges sociales: 7040 euro ( 22% de 32000 )Impôts d’environ le revenu: 704 euro ( 2.2% ns 32000 )

I’ve noticed one error…

Following your figures: mérite Imposable (taxable): 21120 euroTherefore Impots(Tax) dessus le revenu= 2.2% de 21120 euro= 464.64 euro

The other la honte I ont no idea about - room Social charge a percentage avant the abatement jaune after ??

It is a facility area, setting yourself increase in business.

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If tous else fails, your locale Tax bureau will point you in thé right direction.