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Vendeur: mymusicfix2 ✉️ (14.731) 100%, Lieu à propos de quoi se trouve: Lake Forest, California, US, Lieu ns livraison: WORLDWIDE, Numéro de l"objet: 390061996147 nom de garçon Jackson thriller & bad 25TH ANNIVERSARY + la peinture DISC 19 titres 26 pcs.

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Michael JACKSON - thé 25TH ANNIVERSARY SETS de THRILLER doubs LP set & mauvais 3 LP set + parce que le COLLECTORS auto 25TH ANNIVERSARY PICTURE épais OF thriller & bad + then WE ont OFF thé WALL & IS THIS cette LP boîte SET plus FIVE JACKSON 5 LP"S & really rarement 12" seul TOTAL de 19 TITLES with 26 PIECES ns VINYL. THIS IS A one TIME seul OFFER and ONCE offered GONE FOREVER E-BAY STORE. à la YOUR INDIVIDUALSOUL SELECTIONS - individual TITLE informations OR individual PURCHASE just HIT THIS stores TAB >. & joli IN SOULROTATION jaune JACKSON INTO auto SEARCH field WITHIN OUR stores SECTION oui YOUR PERSONAL code AND tous INDIVIDUAL title + information WILL appear There have been so few vinyl LPs developed over thé last 5 years that amie should never paragraphe up auto opportunity à upgrade her collection. They"re each very limité in their pressings and disappear with extraordinary quickness from auto vinyl market. This causes prices to skyrocket because oz they space gone, they space gone forever! Don"t second-guess yourself v this chanceux to upgrade your circuits électoraux because avant you know it, thé opportunity will oui passed forever. 1.MICHAEL JACKSON THIS IS cette 180 GRAM limited EDITION 4LP SET original 2009 issue This deluxe 180g 4LP collection contains auto original albums masters de some of michael Jackson"s greatest hits, previously unreleased versions of classic tracks reconnaissance two versions du the never-released "This Is It." This four disc vinyl collection also includes année oversized 36-page booklet de photographs taken at nom de garçon Jackson"s final rehearsal.The set contains musique that inspired thé motion snapshot "This Is It". In addition à 19 songs, avec demo versions ns three of his greatest hits, auto last track conditions météorologiques the 4th rusé contains a touching spoken word poem from michael Jackson entitled “Planet Earth”.Features:• 4LP set• 180g Vinyl• 36-Page bookletSelections:LP 11. Vouloir Be Startin" Somethin"2. Jam3. Lock Don"t Care about Us4. Person Nature5. Smooth CriminalLP 21. The Way you Make je Feel2. Shower Your body (Down to thé Ground) (Single version)3. Ns Just Can"t arrêter Loving You4. Thriller5. Beat ItLP 31. Le noir Or White2. Earth Song3. Billie Jen4. Homme In the MirrorLP 41. This Is cette (Album Version)2. This Is cette (Orchestra Version)3. She"s Out de My first (Demo)4. épeler Be Startin" Somethin" (Demo)5. Beat it (Demo)6. Planet sol (poem) 2. Nom de garçon Jackson mauvais 25TH ANNIVERSARY collection WITH 180 GRAM limité EDITION 3LPS limité Edition! Celebrate auto 25th Anniversary de The Ground-Breaking mauvais Tour v This 180g 3LP Vinyl Reissue!Rolling rock 500 Greatest albums of toutes les personnes Time - Rated 203/500!Twenty-five years after the phrase “Who’s Bad” ended up being a generation’s recadrer catchphrase, Epic/Legacy Recordings, in collaboration with the Estate of michael Jackson, celebrate auto legendary albums and record breaking mauvais tour on with the release of bad 25.The BAD albums was thé third michael Jackson album produced passant par Quincy Jones et was originally released conditions météorologiques August 31, 1987. It was monumental in plenty of ways; nom de garçon wrote nine du the album"s eleven tracks et received co-producer credit for the whole album. The album was #1 around thé world, fabriquer history with 5 consecutive #1 singles nous the billboard chart, developed ten chart-topping singles, nine ground breaking brief films et to date, thé Bad album has generated over 45 Million units in sales. Mauvais was nominated parce que le six Grammys et won two; the album earned nom de garçon the first-ever cassettes vidéo Vanguard récompense at auto MTV VMA Awards. Songs on the original albums are: “Bad,” “The Way you Make je Feel,” “Speed Demon,” “Liberian Girl,” “Just an excellent Friends” en vedette Stevie Wonder, “Another Part du Me,” “Man in auto Mirror,” “I seul Can’t arrêter Loving You,” “Dirty Diana,” “Smooth Criminal,” through “Leave moi Alone” added to the album once released.“The era of mauvais represented Michael’s creative ‘coming of age’ as a solo artist in revendiqué of every côté of his job – from recording to touring venir endorsements à merchandising. This was thé first albums on i beg your pardon nearly tous of auto songs to be written par Michael. Ce was likewise was auto first album in history venir produce 5 consecutive #1 singles et it take it 2 ½ years for un autre artist to rencontre that success. Cette was also the tons time michael would tour oui a solo artist - his vision, his decisions on what the montrer would be. The enormous success du the BAD album and la tour was a pivotal moment in Michael’s growth ont a composer, performer et producer cementing his role ont the roi of Pop. We are thrilled to celebrate such an historic era in Michael’s career v this release”, stated john Branca and John McClain, Co-Executors du the heritage of michael Jackson.Features:• limité Edition• 180 Gram Vinyl• 3LP• Tri-Gatefold Jacket with Full arts Sleeves• Re-Mastered original Bad albums + toutes les personnes Tracks from disc 2 du Deluxe 2CD/DVD version (13 Rare and Previously Unreleased crème Tracks)Selections:Bad Remastered:LP1 - côté A:1. Bad2. Thé Way amie Make me Feel3. Vitesse, vitesse Demon4. Liberian Girl5. Seul Good friends (featuring Stevie Wonder)LP1 - côté B:1. Un autre Part ns Me2. Homme in thé Mirror3. I Just Can’t arrêter Loving You4. Dirty Diana5. Smooth Criminal6. Leave me AloneRare et Previously Unreleased:LP2 - côté C:1. Don"t be Messin" "Round2. I"m soja Blue3. Souper Groove (AKA Abortion Papers)LP2 - page D:1. Free2. Thé Price of Fame3. Al CaponeLP3 - côté E:1. Streetwalker2. Paris Away3. Todo Mi Amor Eres les gars (I just Can"t arrêter Loving You, sexuel in Spanish)4. Nom de fille Ne Veux pas La Fin ns Nous (I seulement Can"t stop Loving You, sung in French)LP3 - à côté de F:1. Bad 25 Afrojack Remix (feat. Pitbull - DJ Buddha Edit)2. Speed Demon (Nero Remix)3. Bad Afrojack Remix (Club Mix) 3. Michael Jackson mauvais 25 ANNIVERSARY (Picture Disc) LP Celebrate thé 25th Anniversary du The Ground-Breaking bad Tour with This dunicité Vinyl photo Disc! Rolling rock 500 Greatest album of all Time - Rated 203/500!Twenty-five years after the phrasé “Who’s Bad” became a generation’s cultural catchphrase, Epic/Legacy Recordings, in collaboration with auto Estate of michael Jackson, celebrate auto legendary albums and enregistrer breaking bad tour conditions météorologiques September 18, 2012 with auto release of mauvais 25.The BAD album was thé third michael Jackson album produced par Quincy Jones et was initially released nous August 31, 1987. It was puissant in plenty of ways; michael wrote nine de the album"s eleven tracks et received co-producer credit pour the entire album. The album was #1 around the world, fabriqué history with five consecutive #1 singles nous the panneau daffichage chart, produced ten chart-topping singles, ripe ground breaking short films and to date, thé Bad album has generated over 45 Million units in sales. Bad was nominated à la six Grammys et won two; the album earned michael the first-ever cassettes vidéo Vanguard award at thé MTV VMA Awards. Songs conditions météorologiques the original albums are: “Bad,” “The Way you Make moi Feel,” “Speed Demon,” “Liberian Girl,” “Just good Friends” avec Stevie Wonder, “Another Part ns Me,” “Man in the Mirror,” “I just Can’t arrêter Loving You,” “Dirty Diana,” “Smooth Criminal,” with “Leave me Alone” added venir the album once released.This unicité Picture épais features the tracks native the original album.“The era of mauvais represented Michael’s creative ‘coming ns age’ ont a solo artist in charger of every aspect of his career – from recording to touring venir endorsements to merchandising. This was auto first album on i m sorry nearly tous of auto songs to be written passant par Michael. Ce was likewise was the first album in history à produce 5 consecutive #1 singles and it take it 2 ½ decades for un autre artist to match that success. Ce was likewise the life time michael would tour oui a solo artist - his vision, his decisions nous what the seul would be. Thé enormous success du the BAD album and tour was a pivotal moment in Michael’s growth ont a composer, performer and producer cementing his role oui the roi of Pop. Nous are thrilled to celebrate such année historic era in Michael’s career through this release”, stated homme Branca and John McClain, Co-Executors of the estate of michael Jackson.Features:• Picture détective Vinyl• Original album tracklistingSelections:Side One:1. Bad2. The Way elle Make me Feel3. Vitesse, vitesse Demon4. Liberian Girl5. Seulement Good friend (featuring Stevie Wonder)Side Two:1. Another Part of Me2. Masculin in the Mirror3. I Just Can’t stop Loving You4. Dirty Diana5. Smooth Criminal 4. Thriller -MICHAEL JACKSON"S thriller 25TH ANNIVERSARY 2008 version WITH auto BURGUNDY marque THAT VERIFIES thé 1ST edition RELEASE. Auto NEWER GENERATION autocollant ARE du A DARK brown COLOR. THIS difference IN THE marque IS THE seulement un WAY to VERIFY the DIFFERENCE IN editions BECAUSE the MANUFACTURER these DAYS IS not SEPARATING the VARIOUS PRESSINGS WITH new UPC codes FOR DIFFERENT concerns BEING RELEASED years LATER.SO si YOU"RE LOOKING venir OWN année MJ 25TH ANNIVERSARY 1st EDITION HERE"S YOUR chanceux A deluxe, gatefold 180-gram 25th Anniversary doubs LP Edition de one of the most significant musique pop releases in musique history! has a prime LP with previously unreleased tracks, mixes and année unreleased song from the Thriller sessions.Released November 30, 1982, thriller would go on venir break toutes les personnes sales prendre note while garnering a prendre note seven sommet 10 singles et 12 grammy nominations. It remains one ns only three albums to stay conditions météorologiques the panneau daffichage 200 haut 10 à la one complete year. This 25th Anniversary Edition du Thriller celebrates this ground-breaking album with formerly unreleased tracks. New tracks include exclusive remixes from Kanye West, Akon, Fergie and will.i.am together with previously unreleased piste from the original Thriller sessions, newly mixed and mastered by Michael Jackson. Piste Listings 1. épeler Be Startin" Somethin" 2. Bébé Be exploiter 3. The Girl Is exploiter 4. Thriller en francais 5. Beat ce (Single Version) 6. Gamelle Jean (Single Version) 7. Human la nature 8. P.Y.T. (Pretty young Thing) 9. The Lady In My sapin 10. Vincent Price Excerpt native "Thriller" Voice-Over sessions (Thriller 25th Anniversary Voice-Over Session) 11. Auto Girl Is mien 2008 v will.i.am (Thriller 25th Anniversary Remix caractéristique will.i.am) 12. P.Y.T. (Pretty young Thing) 2008 through will.i.am (Thriller 25th Anniversary Remix avec willi.i.am) 13. Vouloir Be Startin" Somethin" 2008 through Akon (Thriller 25th Anniversary Remix en vedette Akon) 14. Beat ce 2008 with Fergie (Thriller 25th Anniversary Remix caractéristique Fergie) 15. Gamelle Jean 2008 Kanye West mélanger (Thriller 25th Anniversary Remix en vedette Kanye West) 16. For toutes les personnes Time (unreleased track from the d’origine Thriller sessions) (Previously unrelease surveiller from the Thriller sessions) 5. éteindre THE wall - GATEFOLD covering 180 GRAM pressing - Given thé pace of michael Jackson"s post-Thriller relax schedule, it"s highlight that éteindre The mur appeared between two albums with his brothers, Destiny (1978) and Triumph (1980), nous which thé 20-something phenomenon was also totally engaged. Aided passant par richly detailed marqué not overdone production, éteindre The wall redefined comment much nom de garçon might faire Don"t arrêter "Til You volonté Enough absent With elle Workin" Day et Night comprendre On auto Floor la fin The wall Girlfriend She"s Out of My life I Can"t Help it It"s the Falling In amour Burn This découverte Out Burn This disco Out JACKSON 5 LP"S & rare 12 INCH single 6. JACKSON 5 abc - 180 GRAM PRESSING île RECORDS 50TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION et TREMENDOUSLY RARE et SELLS pour AT the very least $200 IS THIS rarement EDITION. - the Jacksons were thé youngest members du the well-established Motown artist pool. Discovered de Diana ross at a benefit boulot in 1969, countless regarded the garçon group as a suggestions of freedom from racism and life in thé ghetto. The music of the bubblegum clan – a mixture du innocence and total professionalism, according à the journal Rolling stone – was particularly appealing to other enfants of thé same age, that couldn"t get their hands quickly enough conditions météorologiques masses du their idols" concert tickets et various goods such as hairspray aerosols, watches and T-shirts. There were dozens du Jackson 5 juvenile products nous the market, but it need to be stated that auto amazing success of the five was truly earned from année artistic standpoint. Thé subtle and lively use ns their voices, the boys" inherent understanding du rhythm et verve, et their good constitution which permitted them à appear very often nous stage tous played a marche in making thé Jacksons thé idols of millions of young toutes les personnes The love You Save une More chanceux ABC 2-4-6-8 (Come "Round Here) I"m The une You require Don"t know Why je Love tu Never had A rêver Come True True amour Can be Beautiful La-La (Means i Love You) I"ll bet You i Found that Girl thé Young people 7. Goin" Back to Indiana is a habitent soundtrack take away from the group"s September 16, 1971 ABC tv special. The TV special featured bill Cosby et Tommy Smother, flic Darin, Diana Ross oui well as major sports la honte of auto time. In enhancement to music from thé TV special, this album also features traces recorded throughout their may 29th "homecoming" apparence solo in Gary, Indiana.Original LP in original 12 cf 12 size newly reissued et imported from auto U.K. Features:Features:• 180g Vinyl LP• Gatefold jacket• fabriqué in Czech RepublicSelections:1. I Want you Back2. Maybe Tomorrow3. The Day Basketball to be Saved4. Stand!5. I Want to Take you Higher6. Feelin" Alright7. Medley: Walk on / The love You Save8. Goin" Back to Indiana 8. Jackson 5 THIRD albums - released in 1970, Third album was the seconde LP release for the Jackson 5.

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The enregistrement featured their fourth consecutive number-one single nous the US pop charts, "I"ll be There". The album is considered oui their many successful selling over 6 million copies worldwide. Ce also contains une a superb bassline performed de James Jamerson conditions météorologiques the song "Darling Dear".Original LP in original 12 voir 12 size recently reissued and imported from thé U.K. Features:Features:• 180g Vinyl LP• made in Czech RepublicSelections:1. I"ll be There2. Ready jaune Not Here je Come (Can"t Hide native Love)3. Café glacé How Happy4. Bridge Over Troubled Water5. Can i See tu In auto Morning6. Goin" Back à Indiana7. How Funky Is her Chicken8. Mama"s Pearl9. Reach In10. Thé Love i Saw In amie Was seul a Mirage11. Darling Dear 9. Possibly TOMORROW - exit in 1971, following the success de the hit single "I"ll be There", their fourth studio album contains mainly ballads with seul a few dance numbers. Hit simple included room "Never can Say Goodbye" et "Maybe Tomorrow".Original LP in original 12 cf 12 size freshly reissued and imported from auto U.K. Features:• 180g Vinyl LP• made in Czech RepublicSelections:1. Maybe Tomorrow2. She"s Good3. Never have the right to Say Goodbye4. The Wall5. Petals6. Sixteen Candles7. (We"ve Got) Blue Skies8. My au sens propre Baby9. It"s Great venir Be Here10. Love husband Chile11. Je Will find A method 10. Feather THROUGHT thé WINDOWS - auto Jackson 5"s fifth studio albums featured a 13 year old michael Jackson exit in 1972. Mauvais feelings between auto Jacksons et Motown started with thé sessions pour this album as michael was beginning venir voice his artistic opinion.The album produced two hit personne célibataire "Little Bitty quite One" and "Lookin" Through thé Windows" when the album peaked at alors 8 nous the billboard 200 album chart. "Doctor mien Eyes" to be a sommet ten hit in Europe.Original LP in original 12 cf 12 size recently reissued and imported from thé U.K.Features:• 180g Vinyl LP• made in Czech RepublicSelections:1. Ain"t nothing Like the Real Thing2. Lookin" Through thé Windows3. Don"t permit Your bébé Catch You4. To Know5. Doctor, my Eyes6. Little Bitty pretty One7. E-Ne-Me-Ne-Mi-Ne-Moe (The selection Is Yours venir Pull)8. If I have To relocate a Mountain9. Don"t Want to See Tomorrow10. Children ns the Light11. Ns Can seul Give You amour 11. - JACKSON 5 importer It ensemble At age 15, nom de garçon Jackson"s slightly deeper to sing voice was noticeable ont was the échanger in auto overall sound du the group. With michael now a default tenor, auto young Jackson garçons who first came conditions météorologiques the scene v "I Want elle Back" to be now coming to be men. Michael"s first "vocal hiccup" is heard right here in the song "It"s too Late To change The Time." through Motown see this as relinquishing creative control to auto singer, thé "hiccup" to be retired until his solo career began with off The Wall. Volonté It ensemble Don"t Say good Bye Again Reflections bourdonner Along et Dance Mama i Gotta Brand nouveau Thing (Don"t speak No) It"s too Late To échanger The temps You Need love Like I à faire (Don"t You?) Dancing maker 12. Nom de garçon Jackson je Just Can"t arrêter Loving elle & baby Be mine 45rpm 7" Vinyl limite Edition, individually Numbered Replica of d’origine 7" 45rpm Single!Including rarement Spoken Intro & original B-side "Baby be Mine"! Twenty-five years after the formulation “Who’s Bad” ended up being a generation’s cultural catchphrase, Epic/Legacy Recordings, in la coopération with the Estate of michael Jackson, celebrates auto legendary album and enregistrer breaking mauvais tour. Ont part of this celebration, this limite Edition Replica ns the d’origine 7" Vinyl single of "I seul Can"t stop Loving You" is gift offered avec rare talked intro & d’origine B-side "Baby it is in Mine".The 1987 ballade became the life of five consecutive number-one billboard Hot 100 célibataire from Jackson"s mauvais album. It also reached alors one nous the billboard R&B and adult modern-day charts. Auto single, which attributes a duet v Siedah Garrett, was his lundi number-one song on thé AC graph (the tons being 1982"s "The Girl Is Mine" duet with paul McCartney).Features:• personally Numbered• limited Edition• 7" Vinyl Single• rare spoken intro includedSelections:Side A: ns Just Can"t arrêter Loving YouSide B: baby Be mien 13. Nom de garçon Jackson musique & me 180 gram limité edition - This album is amazing!!!! although this wasn"t oui popular as his other albums, this is encore considered one of my favori MJ albums. Every song on the album are great marqué my favori songs would oui to be: "With a Child"s Heart", "Happy", "Morning Glow" and tous time favorite, the title track. Track Listings 1. With a Child"s heart 2. Increase Again 3. Toutes les personnes the fémoral You are 4. Happy (Love layout from "Lady Sings thé Blues") 5. Too young 6. Doggin" about 7. Johnny crow 8. Euphoria 9. Morning light 10. Music and Me 14. THE epic RECORDS 12 customs SINGLE danser CLASSICS with MJ"S - THE gamelle JEAN REMIX & off THE WALL plus THE prime OF THIS LP collection WITH A CUT de THE JACKSONS - 15. Red HOT disco - THIS IS THE original RELEASE the IS almost 35 years OUT du PRINT. Rare RED VINYL PRESSING. Piste are - Keep nous Dancin par Gary"s Gang" / shiver Your corps (Down To auto Ground) by The Jackson"s / I"m A mauvais Boy passant par Theo Vaness / get Dancin" by Bombers / si There"s Love par Amant / Haven"t stopped Dancin" Yet par Gonzales / At Midnight by T. Connection / Got venir Be actual Dancer de Cheryl Lynn / Dancer passant par Gino Soccio job-related That corps humain by Taana Gardiner / Boogie Oogie Oogie passant par Taste de Honey / chance To Dance passant par Lemon / je vous demande pardon You Won"t à faire For amour by flic Cardwell / Café" passant par D.D. Sound shipment & Bang A Gong par Witch Queen16.Michael Jackson thé Remix Suites limite EDITION 2 LP collection Includes 12 brand new remixes of michael Jackson and Jackson 5 classics! Featured producers include thé Neptunes, Stargate, Polow, Dallas Austin, salaam Remi & more!Features:• suite LP• Gatefold jacketSelections:LP11. Skywriter (Stargate)2. Never deserve to Say good-bye (The Neptunes)3. Je Wanna be Where tu Are (Dallas Austin)4. Dancing maker (Polow)5. Alphabet (Salaam Remi)6. Forever Came aujourdhui ( Frankie Knuckles so late Night Antics)LP27. Dancing an equipment (Steve Aoki)8. Bourdonner Along & danser (David moral Giamsta)9. Ain"t non Sunshine (Benny Blanco)10. Marié (You to be The only One) (Emile Haynie)11. Maybe Tomorrow (Sturken & Rogers)12. Bénier (Akon)17. Auto Jackson 5 Christmas albums LIMITED execution LPA Christmas Classic avec Jackson 5 Renditions du Holiday Favorites!Jackson 5 Christmas album was the fourth albums (and only holiday album) released par Motown family members quintet auto Jackson 5. Exit in October 1970, the album showcased thé brothers" harmonies and vocals. Command singer michael Jackson is prominently featured conditions météorologiques the albums tracks. Included nous the Christmas albums is thé Jackson 5"s struggle single version of "Santa claus Is Coming venir Town." Rendered with a pop-soul feel, auto Jackson 5"s versions du "I observed Mommy Kissing santa Claus" and "Santa claus Is Coming to Town" stay frequent radio requests during auto holiday season. The albums spent toutes les personnes four main at the number one emplacement on panneau daffichage magazine"s unique Christmas album chart the the journal published in December 1970, making cette the best-selling holiday albums of that year. It has marketed over 3.5 million copies worldwide. Truly a soulful et funky holiday classic!Features:• Vinyl LP ReissueSelections:Side One:1. Ont Yourself a Merry au sens propre Christmas2. Santa claus Is Coming to Town3. Thé Christmas Song4. Up on the Housetop5. Frosty the SnowmanSide Two:1. The signification littérale Drummer Boy2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer3. Christmas Won"t Be thé Same This Year4. Give love on Christmas Day5. At some point at Christmas6. Je Saw Mommy Kissing père noël Claus18.- MICHEAL JACKSON Invincible (Import) limited EDITION 180 GRAM 2 LP SETThe question à la a 42-year-old nom de garçon Jackson heading towards thé end du 2001 to be whether or not the self-proclaimed roi Of musique pop could do his existence known nous the charts after having actually spent much de the "90s laying low. Si the chart-topping position achieved passant par INVINCIBLE is any indication, then the answer is a resounding yes. The albums is mainly produced passant par Jersey wunderkind Rodney Jerkins, et Jacko wasted no time tapping est différent top-flight artists et knob-twirlers to help out, including Teddy Riley, Babyface and R. Kelly. Unbreakable (ft.Notorious B.I.G. & Brandy)HeartbreakerInvincibleBreak de DawnHeaven can WaitYou Rock ma WorldButterfliesSpeechless2000 watts (backing vocals par Teddy Riley)You Are my LifePrivacy (guitar solo par Slash)Don"t walk AwayCryThe perdu ChildrenWhatever wake up (ft. Carlos Santana)Threatened 19. 25TH ANNIVERSARY PICTURE détective OF thriller A deluxe, 25th Anniversary Edition du one of the most significant pop releases in musique history! exit November 30, 1982, thriller en francais would marche on venir break tous sales prendre note while garnering a prendre note seven sommet 10 singles and 12 grammy nominations. Ce remains one ns only three album to stay on the billboard 200 sommet 10 parce que le one full year. This 25th Anniversary Edition de Thriller celebrates this ground-breaking album the d’origine Thriller sessions, recently mixed and mastered passant par Michael Jackson. Surveiller Listings 1. Wanna Be Startin" Somethin" 2. Bébé Be mien 3. The Girl Is mine 4. Thriller en francais 5. Beat ce 6. Billie Jean 7. Human la nature 8. P.Y.T. (Pretty young Thing) 9. Auto Lady In My sapin Mymusicfix has actually been told we ont the le meilleur collection ns Rare, Out de Print music collectibles nous E-Bay. The free listing tool. List her items fast et easy and manage your actif items. Nous Sep-26-08 at 21:08:29 PDT, seller added auto following information: international Buyers – please Note: income duties, taxes, and charges are not consisted of in auto item price jaune shipping cost. These charge are the buyer"s responsibility. Please examine with your country"s customs bureau to determine what these additional costs will certainly be prior venir bidding jaune buying. Note: It"s illegal à falsify customizeds declarations or mark an item as a "gift" or LESSER value in order venir avoid customs fees international BUYERS NEED à BE AWARE of THE CUSTOM"S taxes IN THEIR very own COUNTRY et KNOW they (AS thé BUYER) space RESPONSIBLE pour CUSTOMS TAXES. OUT de PRINT PRODUCT is IRREPLACEABLE and therefore not RETURNABLE. Les états-unis damérique SHIPPING: we box/package protectively – delivery UPS Ground/Insured within Continental les états-unis damérique – Hawaii/Alaska passant par mail. Nous accept PayPal seul WITH evidenced SHIPPING address INT’L SHIPPING: we box/package protectively for safe world-wide shipping.

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When accepting PayPal, ship only WITH express MAIL fully INSURED jaune PRIORITY des lettres FULLY INSURED – Because of Postal regulation in following nations -- U.K. (England, Ireland, Wales et Scotland), southern AMERICAN COUNTRIES, QATAR, PHILIPPINES, SRI LANKA, ISRAEL, MEXICO,RUSSIA and MALTA – AT CHECKOUT, must CHOOSE exprimer SHIPPING ONLY internationale Buyers space responsible pour their country’s customs Fees.Condition: Neuf, Style: Motown, Duration: LP, Speed: 33 RPM, Record Size: 12", Edition: Collector"s Edition, limite Edition, Rarities Edition, Genre: Motown, R&B, Special Attributes: 180 - 220 gram, limite Edition, Remastered, unique Edition, snapshot Disc, UPC: 0600753164211, Artist: Jackson 5 (The), Format: Vinyl, Record Label: Motown, Release Year: 2009, Release Title: ABC cf Plus