Mine nord pas de calais

You space here: Preserving et promoting thé mining culture of auto Nord-Pas aux Calais an ar Strategy 21 - good practices


Location du the initiative:


The quartier général Historique Minier is located at auto heart ns the coalfield in Lewarde, 8 km from Douai in north France. It is housed at auto pithead de the former Delloye Pit, i beg your pardon comprises 8000 m² of industrial buildings at année 8 hectares site.

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Relation venir Strategy 21 Recommendations:

K11 - découvrir heritage ont a source of knowledge, inspiration and creativity

Time span ns the initiative:

Start Date: 1984 / end Date: On-going.

Motivation / Methodology

The aim et purpose de the central Historique Minier, established in 1984, is to preserve and promote auto mining cultistes of thé Nord-Pas aux Calais an ar in order venir bear witness à three centuries du mining for the benefit of future generations.

The emplacement has kept its industrial architecture with thé glass maker room, thé galleries et the buildings over ground, which were given provided status in 2009.

The exploiter museum (guided tour of the galleries): in the lentreprise of a récolte guide the visitor is plunged into thé bowels du the mine, down the staff gangway to thé coal face, wherein women and young apprentices sorted the coal. The galleries show how techniques et working état in auto mines advanced from 1720 venir 1990.

270 years du coal mining in auto Nord-Pas de Calais region brought considerable changes in thé industrial landscape et in mining methods, et this histoire is called in auto “Three ages du mining” exhibition, with its models of mining sites, while “Life in auto mines” focuses nous the tous les jours lives of miners and their families.

Other scientific et historical exhibitions complete this picture ns the mining world: “Energy: yesterday, today et tomorrow?”, “The odyssey of tons on earth”, “Horses in mining” and “The history de the Delloye Pit”. Tous these exhibitions provide visitors with année interactive family experience.

Meetings through miners give visitors a unique opportunity venir share the experience of structure miners et hear a first-hand account of first in the mines (first job down auto mine, training, wages, dangers, etc.). Every visage of their resides is extended in these moment steeped in history.

Documentary resource Centre

In addition to espace de rangement from the coal mining companies of the Nord-Pas de Calais region, before and after nationalisation, the central houses end 7,000 books, 550,000 photographic documents, 500 films, 350 videos and 300 sonner recordings.

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These collections et the researchers who consult castle help venir improve ours historical, social, economic and technical knowledge du the mining world.

The enregistrer Resource centre handles auto conservation et management de these resources et promotes them with museographic, cultural and educational material. The central helped the bassin Minier unies coalfield combinaison to prepare its applications for Unesco héritage status et also assisted the filmmaker Claude Berri in his preparations parce que le shooting his cinématique Germinal.

Annual fundraising events are organised. The museum also gathers information par interviewing structure miners.

Energy de manière scientifique Cultural central (CCSE)

In fermé co-operation through scientific, technical and economic specialists, et with representatives ns energy-related companies, the centre contributes to the debate conditions météorologiques the miscellaneous forms ns energy at the heart ns modern-day social development.

A special carré will be reserved à la the central on the visitors’ tour in the building housing the extraction machine pour shaft no. 1, i m sorry is right now closed to auto public. There will certainly be a newly-designed règlement exhibition et a discovery area where visitors can learn about the part energy plays in société development today. Utilizing digital et multimedia les technologies that provide a hands-on learning experience, the cutting-edge refurbishment de the CCSE is designed venir address every power concern. Ce will be open to the public in at an early stage 2019.

Change / Impact

The centre Historique Minier enables:

· Identifying, preserving, transmitting et sharing heritage knowledge et skills

· increasing awareness of the worths conveyed de heritage

· Ensuring héritage stakeholders oui access à lifelong training

Lessons learned

It is faisabilité to revitalise a deindustrialised area through patrimoine work (this emplacement listed as a Historical monument receives 150,000 visitors a year, which method a total du 4 million since ce was opened), venir preserve the collective memory and to indicate citizens, institutions, policymakers and professionals in a cultural and scientific project.

The quartier général has been awarded the Euralens seal du approval, i beg your pardon highlights sustainable et innovative economic, town planning and cultural initiatives. This constitutes additional recognition à la the Centre et will enable cette to acquaint the mining area’s elected representatives with its activities et projects.

On 8 December 2018, the centre Historique Minier to be chosen ont a winner du the EDEN 2017 award and accordingly recognised oui a europe Tourist destination of Excellence. The prix was launched par the europe Commission et is stop in France passant par the Directorate General parce que le Enterprises et the french Tourism advancement Agency (Atout France).

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Today, ce is one of the outstanding sites ns the coalfield et a Unesco World patrimoine site. Cette is additionally supported par the français Government and the intermunicipal authorities of Douaisis and hijackingcatastrophe.orgur d’Ostrevent.

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