Mini dessert pour café gourmand

In France, diners complete a meal v a menage jusqu’à trois (or quatre) de mini-desserts. Now thé trend, known ont café gourmand, is hitting America


Café glouton at prudente French café in Ft. Lauderdale (Credit: la ville de granit Vandal)

We've toutes les personnes heard that french women don't get fat, marqué now, finally, we peut être be closer to understanding at least one of the reasons why. In thé last few years, a deliciously sneaky dessert concept called Café Gourmand has actually crept onto the menu of France, from bistros à brasseries et neighborhood pastry shops, to gastronomic temples. And now ce has landing in auto U.S.

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The idea is simple: le café Gourmand combines a coffee boire with three jaune four mini-desserts, frequently chosen at the chef's whim, the take the place du a single, larger, much more calorific dessert. It's faster à consume than having separate dessert et coffee cours (as tu traditionally would certainly at a severe Parisian meal), and it just feels lighter.

"When je opened my tons boulangerie in 2000," baker Eric Kayser said, referring to loger Kayser, "I didn't oui seats, cible it was my rêver to offer coffee with cakes, so as soon ont possible, nous came up with the idea du doing café Gourmand." While cette wasn't thé inventor of le café Gourmand--that à lhonneur apparently go to pizza Pino in Lyon, according à this mur Street journal article--Kayser to be at auto forefront du the trend as it took off throughout France, and when hey opened a branch in nouveau York critical year, cette brought it over. At maison Kayser in nouveau York, auto pretty plateau always includes a mini-millefeuille et a miniatures tart along with, perhaps, a parfait-like verrine or his signé financier.

Soon afterward, café Gourmand spread out to différent restaurants et other locales. Daniel Boulud (with whom i am--full disclosure--writing a cookbook) has just introduced his very own versions: a fluffy brioche donut, a vanilla shortbread, et a louche of ice cream at DB Bistro in midtown Manhattan; et a mini flourless chocolate cake or orange cream tartelette with calcul cream and shortbread at DBGB nous the Bowery. Both cost $9.50.

"I love cette when diners get their coffee et they let the cuisiner decide which desserts they'll taste," he said. "It's a delicate and efficient way to end a meal."

Next month, Toni marie Cox, pastry chef et co-owner ns Toni Patisserie et Café in Chicago, is launching a an innovative "espresso gourmand" that comes through a macaron de the diner's choice, a pistachio financier, and a coco chip raspberry meringue topped through fresh raspberries for $8.95. And at café Rabelais et Brasserie max & Julie in Houston, owner Chris and Laurence Paul serve a generous le café Gourmand that has a mini creme brûlée, a ladyfinger, fruit coulis, et a profiterole pour $11.50.

"This really works meilleur if you are as well full venir order a genuine dessert," said chris Paul, "but you toujours crave thé taste ns a couple of goodies."

Having une dessert separation into "a few goodies" certainly feels much less decadent--"It's much lighter 보다 a genuine dessert," mused Catherine Berezovski, a chef at loger Kayser in nouveau York--but according venir Kayser pastry chef Nicolas Chevrieux, the whole shebang encore amounts venir about 450 calories, approximately thé same amount as in a regular-size cacao mi-cuit.

("Oh no!" stated Berezovski once informed de the calorie count. "Don't tell je that!")

But climate there's auto difference in between how le café Gourmand is spend in paris versus in America.

"In France, food-lovers order café Gourmand just pour themselves," said Laurent Tasic, chef-owner du Sage French le café in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, who's been offering a $10 café Gourmand parce que le the last year. (One current week, cette included a mini crÿme brûlée, a mini chocolate mousse, a sorbet du the day and a coco truffle or mini cake.) "But in auto U.S., personnes order ce to share."

And so, perhaps, nous eager-to-share American diners ont discovered an improvement nous the français formula: toutes les personnes the sophistication du Paris at a fraction of auto calories--and there is no spending a seul euro. --Sylvie Bigar


By Nicolas Chevrieux, executive Pastry cuisiner at loger Kayser, NYC

Puff Pastry

INGREDIENTS2 cups all-purpose flour1 tespoon salt3/4 cup flour1 tespoon lemon juice1 3/4 cups unsalted butter

PREPARATIONCombine auto flour, salt and 1/3 cup of the butter in a taille bowl. Job-related with hands until mixture each other coarse meal.

Make a fine in thé center and pour in the 2/3 cup ice water et the lemon juice. Mélanger until incorporated. If dough appears too dry, ajouter the remaining water.

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Wrap the dough once it's finish à mix, in plastic and refrigerate parce que le at least 2 hours.

Remove thé dough and the seconde butter from auto refrigerator. Place the dough nous a easy floured surface et the butter in the middle du the dough. Fully encase thé butter in dough. Wrinkles five times with a rest in the fridge for an hour between each.

Spread three carré dough and put in a refrigerator 1 hour.

Bake at 360° parce que le 30-40 min. Roasted slowly and not as well high. This is the lunderground to perfect puff pastry.

Pastry Cream

INGREDIENTS1 1/2 cups whole milk1 vanilla bean, separation in half et scraped1 egg1/3 sugar2 tablespoons corn starch

PREPARATIONIn a moyen bowl, line together thé sugar and corn starch. Ajouter the yolks and whisk vigorously till mixture is smooth et pale lemon in color.

In a pan, warm remaining milk and vanilla scraping until it comes to a boil. Slowly convecteur 1/4 du the hot milk into thé yolk mixture and combine.

Immediately convectif yolk mixture into nom est milk in the pan. Whisk over milieu heat until mixture comes à a boil.

Remove from warmth immediately. Cover through plastic wrap to prevent skin indigenous forming. Cool completely. After that, auto pastry cream is ready for to use.

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Evenly divide cooled pastry cream onto two strips du puff pastry. Spread evenly. Lay une strip, extended with cream nous top du first, lining up evenly. Dessus with final strip ns puff pastry. Dust v icing sugar. Chill parce que le 1 hour avant serving.

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