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Practical Information

Blocking statutes:

Yes, over there are deux European instrument of this nature:

- council Regulation (EC) ne sont pas 2271/96 du 22 November 1996 protecting against the effects de the extra-territorial app of law adopted par a 3rd country, and actions based thereon or resulting therefrom (see, éléments 5(1)).

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- directive 95/46/EC de the european Parliament et of thé Council du 24 October 1995 nous the cacher of people with regard to auto processing ns personal data and on thé free movement of such data (See, Art.25(1)).

In addition, two des postes of thé law n°68-678 ns July 26, 1968 (Articles 1 and 1 bis) - introduced by a law du 16 July 1980 - prevent "savage" requests à la the purpose of obtaining proof outside du mutual legal aider framework.

The provisions of article 1 of this law aim to prohibit, "subject to international treaties or agreements", the communication to foreign auditeur authorities of document or information of an economic, commercial, industrial, financial or technical nature, auto disclosure of which may affect the sovereignty, security, essential économique interests of france or public order, specified by the administration authority ont necessary.

Under article 1 de the french Blocking Statute,"subject to international treaties or agreements and to thé laws et regulations in force, cette is prohibited for any person à request, seek or communicate, in writing, orally or in any différent form, document or information of an economic, commercial, industrial, financial jaune technical nature parce que le the purpose de gathering evidence in or in associer with étranger judicial or administration proceedings.”

The resulting prohibition is specifically broad. Cette applies :

- even si the la communication of the documentations or information does no affect thé sovereignty, security, auditeur order jaune essential économiquement interests of France,

- even si this search is not acted upon,

- et even si the prosecuted human being is neither french nor a français resident.

In a decision date 28 march 2007, thé Paris meugler of Appeals (9th chamber B), reversing a arbitre of acquittal rendered par the paris Criminal bas on 1 june 2006, judge a lawyer du the offense ns communicating economic, commercial, industrial, financial jaune technical informations aimed at obtaining evidence for foreign proceedings there is no complying with auto requirements ns the Hague Convention, and ordered him à pay a maigrir of 10,000 euros. The court of Cassation upheld this ruling: in a decision date 12 December 2007, the meugler of Cassation (Criminal Division) dismissed the appeal filed against thé decision de the Paris court of Appeal.

Chapter I(Letters of Requests)

Transmission ns Letters de Requests:Letters ns Request are sent directly indigenous a judicial authority in thé requesting State to thé Central authority of thé requested State.
Authority responsible à la informing de the time et place du the execution ns Letter ns Request(Art.7):Judicial authority competent venir execute the request.
Presence ns judicial personnel at auto execution of the Letter ns Request (Art.8):

Declaration de applicability.

The French code of poli Procedure specifically permits the possibility parce que le the requesting foreign judge à be present during auto execution du the Letter de Request (article 741), without auto need venir obtain authorisation native anyone.

Privileges et duties currently under auto law ns States est différent than thé State ns origin et the State ns execution(Art.11):No declaration of applicability.
Translation requirementsArts4(2) and 33):The french Government will execute seul those Letters de Request which room in français or accompanied by a translation into French.
Costs relating à execution du the Letters ns Request(Arts14(2)(3) et 26):No.
Time parce que le execution:Between 2 et 6 months, approximately.
Pre-trial discovery of documentsArt. 23):Letter of Request peut faire be executed topic to bien sur conditions (qualified exclusion).
Information around domestic rules on the taking du evidence:

- european Judicial Network in civil or commercial Matters - France.

- éléments 132 à 322 ns the French code of poli Procedure - Legifrance.

Witness check under chapter I

Should Letters ns Request encompass specific questions to it is in used throughout witness examination or only a list ns matters à be addressed?French national law has no requirements in this respect.
Is it a auditeur or private hearing?Public hearing.
Do the judicial authorities "blue-pencil" Letters de Requests (i.e. rephrase, restructure and / jaune strike the end objectionable questions jaune offensive wording haricot de soja that a Letter of Request may be enforcement under the laws de the requested State)?Yes.
Is auto witness detailed in advance with a copy de the des questions / matters venir be addressed oui contained in auto Letter du Request?The referee is no obliged venir provide the witness v a list de the questions/matters à be addressed oui contained in thé Letter of Request, marqué there is no prohibition against doing so. However, follow to article 212 de the French encoder of civil Procedure, "witnesses may not read any type of draft".
Are document produced by the evil authenticated by the court?No.
Is année oath generally administered to auto witness?Yes.
Can the witness be made subject à further examination and recall?Yes, but a seconde Letter du Request is necessary.

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Are over there sanctions for non-appearance ns witness?Under éléments 207 du the French encoder of civil Procedure, “Defaulting witnesses et those who, without legitimate reason, refuser to testify or take an oath peut être be sentenced à a civil fine ns up to 3,000 euros.”
Must interpreters who aid with thé witness check be court-certified?No. Thé oath is seulement un to it is in taken by judicial spécialiser when they are entered nous the list established de the bas of Appeals.
How is the testimony transcribed?In accordance with éléments 219 und seq. De the French codé of civil Procedure, angry testimonies are recorded in a transcript ("procès-verbal"), dated et signed passant par the asked for judge et by the clerk who all set it.

Chapter II(Taking ns evidence de diplomatic officers, consular agents and commissioners)

Article 15Applicable.
Article 16Applicable. Check out conditions and competent authority.
Article 17Applicable. Check out conditions and competent authority.
Article 18No declaration de applicability (i.e., a diplomatic officer, consular agent jaune commissioner may not apply à la appropriate assistance to obtain evidence par compulsion).

Taking du evidence passant par video-links(under one of two people chapter)

Chapter I

Are over there legal obstacles to the use de video links?No.
Conducting hearings directly, par videoconference:Under Chapter ns of auto Convention, pursuant to article 27 (b) et (c) de the Convention and articles 747-1 and 747-2 du the French codé of poli Procedure, la france permits a étranger judicial authority to command a hearing straight on french territory, including par videoconference, without compulsion jaune sanction, provided that the french Central gouvernement has given its front permission. Thé hearing may be conducted nous the premises du a français Court, but this is not mandatory.
Technology used:

Pursuant to article R. 111-7, paragraph 2 du the encoder of Judicial company :

“The technological specifications du the audiovisual telecommunication method used must guarantee a reliable, loyal and confidential dévolution with respect to third parties.

They room determined de order ns the Minister de Justice.”

The transporté network right now used passant par the to adjust of judiciaire is auto RNIS network (Integrated Services numérique Network / ISDN), belonging to thé commutated call network. Auto required vitesse, vitesse is 256 kbps.

Level de interpretation required:France renders use ns the services de accredited expert interpreters, but also relies nous the parties and their legal counsel.
Simultaneous jaune in sequence interpretation:No preference.
Interpretation compelled in i m sorry jurisdiction?No informations available.
Who pays for the interpretation?Pursuant to éléments 748 ns the French codé of civil Procedure, i beg your pardon applies to incoming Letters of Request, auto costs incurred passant par interpreters are à be borne passant par the étranger (requesting) authority.
How would a request for evidence be handled if witness not willing?Should a witness refuse to attendre a videoconference hearing conducted by the justice authority, cette remains parce que le the judicial authority to determine the consequences. While article 207 de the French codé of civil Procedure offers that "Defaulting witnesses and those who, without legit reason, refuse to testify jaune take an oath pouvez be sentenced to a civil fine ns up à 3,000 euros", French intérieur law gives that in civil matters, the use de videoconference is subject to thé consent of tous parties.

Chapter II

Are over there legal obstacles to the use of video links?No.
Technology used:No information available.
Level ns interpretation required:No information available.
Simultaneous jaune in succession interpretation:No information available.
Interpretation required in which jurisdiction?No informations available.
Who pays parce que le the interpretation?No information available.

Other Information

Bilateral or multilateral agreements

- Supplementary agreements to the Hague convention of 1 march 1954 were concluded with: Austria (1979), Bosnia et Herzegovina (1969), Croatia (1969), Germany (1961), Poland (1967), Serbia (1969), Slovenia (1969), The constitue Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1969).

- Bilateral convention on justice co-operation: Algeria (1962), australie (1922), Bahamas (1922), Belgium (1956), Benin (1975), Brazil (1996), Bulgaria (1989), Burkina Faso (1961), Cameroon (1974), Canada (1922 et Agreement v Quebec of 9 September 1977), centre African Republic (1965), Chad (1976), China (1987), Congo, coast D"Ivoire (1961), Czech Republic (1984), Djibouti (1986), Egypt (1982), Gabon (1963), Hungary, Italy (1955), Lao People"s democratic Republic (1956), Lithuania (1928), Luxembourg (1870), Madagascar (1973), mali (1962), Morocco (1957), Mauritania (1961), Monaco (1949), Mongolia (1994), Niger (1977), nouveau Zealand (1922), Romania (1974), Russian ligue (1936), la conscience Marino (1967), Senegal (1974), Slovakia (1984), Switzerland (1913), Togo (1976), Tunisia (1972), joined Arab Emirates (1991), unified Republic du Tanzania (1922), Uruguay (1991), Vietnam (1999).

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- board of directors Regulation (EC) No. 1206/2001 ns 28 pouvez 2001 conditions météorologiques cooperation in between the court of auto Member claims in the taking ns evidence in civil or la publicité matters.