Musee De Lair Et De L Espace Le Bourget

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Aéroport ns Paris – les Bourget3, esplanade aux l’Air et ns l’EspaceBP 173 – 93352 ns Bourget CEDEX

Opening hours

The museum is open up every day other than Mondays:between 10am et 6pm indigenous April 1st to September 30thbetween 10am et 5pm native October 1st venir March 31th.

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Closings days: December 25th and May 1st.


In app of thé government’s decision à counter the spread de COVID19, a covid Health pass/EU Digital covid Certificate/ NHS covid Pass is mandatory venir access the museum native 21 July, 2021 for visitors age 12 et up.


The VIGIPIRATE plan is active: it is forbidden to get in the musée with a large suitcase or backpack (larger than 50x25x40 cm) and there is no deposit or cloakroom available à la the visitor’s personal belongings such oui luggage, coolers (for groups), etc. At auto entrance of the museum, please submit your opened bags at the request ns the security staff. Give thanks to you for your understanding.

Fly sky-high just 6 kilometres indigenous Paris.

Located within Europe’s leading business aviation airport Paris-Le Bourget, auto National aviation and Space musée of la france is one de the world finest aviation museums, both for the wealth of its collections et long history. It features an incredible circuits électoraux of more than 400 aircraft, 150 de which are nous display, from the very first aeroplanes to the Breguet 19 “Point d’Interrogation”, the Spitfire and Concorde.

Bridging thé past et the future, the prestigious National aéronautique and Space musée of la france is a lively place, holding occasions throughout the year, regularly getting items pour the collection, hosting activities parce que le all-including planétaire Pilote pour children and being hired à la various events et for filming.

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The National air and Space museum of France is likewise a emplacement museum. In fact, ns Bourget is a place that all aéronautique heroes ont been through, including Charles Lindbergh. It is thé birthplace ns commercial aviation and includes buildings that are themselves ns great récolte interest, like auto terminal building with its art Deco architecture.

For travellers up venir 26 years old

Free rejoindre to the museum’s règlement exhibition8€/6€ venir board auto planes (free boarding pour children up to 4 years old)


Your Boarding Pass

Climb aboard 4 mythical aircraft !Discover thé hidden sides de Boeing 747 et of auto two Concorde, endure D-Day from thé Dakota. Open tous les jours (see musée opening times).

Included in the dadmission fare parce que le visitors beyond 26 year olds.

8€/6€ to board the planes (free boarding pour children up venir 4 years old).


Planète Pilote

An area à la children eras 6-12. Over 1000m2, children can freely explore more 보다 40 interactif activities on the theme of Aeronautics and Space, throughout 60 minutes long sessions. 4-5 sessions effronté days (see museum opening times).


For her lunch break, discover the traditional and international nourriture of « L’Hélice », et enjoy auto view over the Boeing 747. Different spaces are obtainable according à your wishes: a restaurant, a bar and a snack-bar.

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Learn more or buy a souvenir? auto museum’s pitié shop offers a super selection ns aeronautical and space-themes books ont well ont many objects pour adults et children.

Download ours flightbook and explore ours must-see collections and activities. Thé complete guide to her visit at the museum !