Musée national de l histoire de l immigration

A Showcase à la Changing attitudes toward immigrant

December 12, 2018By Stephen O'SheaMuseums

Far, tarif from home, in a fastness de the 12th arrondissement near auto Bois aux Vincennes, des stands the musées Nationale du l’Histoire de l’Immigration. An Art Deco jewel, a celebration du newcomers past et present, and a slap in the affronter to thé tiresome xenophobes still among us, the musée more than merits année afternoon’s emigration from thé huddled masses du visitors to central Paris.

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First et foremost is thé museum’s building. Constructed parce que le the 1931 Paris colonial Exhibition, the Palais aux la Porte Dorée is année astounding Deco blunderbuss, the défilé of bas-reliefs covering the entire facade a riot ns politically imprécisions optimism around France’s commander civilisatrice (aka “the blanche man’s burden”).

Time et history tempered that optimism – causing the building to house three ethnographic museum over the years – till 2007, when thé reverse design was lastly complete. People, not raw materials, are currently hailed as riches to be welcomed into France. Cible the d’origine decor – the friezes outside et the murals inside – encore provide a breathtaking counterpoint to thé museum’s present message.

The fixation exhibition recounts two-hundred years of immigrant in well-presented display screens evoking, among other things, the influx de Italians, Poles, Jews and, an ext recently, north Africans à France. In a wink venir its confinements date, the museum points out that in 1931, france was auto world’s most popular immigrant destination, tarif outstripping North amérique and elsewhere.

Items uncovered in thé homes of immigrants, part du the règlement exhibition at the intérieur Museum du the History of Immigration. Photo: Karen Brailsford

Alternating with thé usual glitzy audiovisual display screens are clever téléphone mobile, téléphone portable hanging from auto ceiling, their elements consisting ns humble family members items to be found in thé homes et workplaces ns toiling migrateur populations.

But not à worry – the riche are not ignored. Thé free-spending lushes de the perdu Generation space not forgotten, nor are thé African-American Jazz lâge successes, le meilleur exemplified by Josephine Baker.

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“Dome” (2011), by Moataz Nasr, an exhibit in thé “Persona Grata” show.

Elsewhere, “Persona Grata,” a thought-provoking temporary exhibition that runs through January 20, 2019, showcases modern art et photography that deals, tangentially or directly, with auto current dilemm over the many migrateur from the Middle East et Africa. Ce is, to put it mildly, a wake-up appel about the virtues de hospitality. Thé exhibition has actually its very own website et continues at MAC VAL (Musée d’Art Contemporain de Val-de-Marne) in Vitry-sur-Seine, near parisien (through February 24, 2019).

As a prime to those du you who have the right to read this article, auto English translation du the arty français display prose is singularly impressive, ont in: “Hospitality is liquid: one soul flows in the direction of another, one corps takes de nouveau that is at death’s door right into its arms et attempts venir restore that is vital life force. Hospitality is, therefore, a small, unsure step. It is attaché from the appel of auto sea, created passant par urgent distress.” Clearly, thé curators did no grant année entry visa to Google Translate.

And, ont a définitif bonus, visitors à the musée can do their means back to quartier général Paris via thé Coulée verte (“Green Flow”), a greatly elevated walking trail that neighbors thé Porte Dorée and leads toutes les personnes the means to thé Bastille. The figurants for new York’s High Line, auto bucolic greenway is thé ideal carré to reflect upon the journeys seul witnessed at auto museum.

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musées National de l’Histoire aux l’Immigration

293, avenue Daumesnil 12th arrondissement

Métro: Porte Dorée

01 53 59 58 60

open Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5:30pm; Saturday-Sunday, 10am-7pm. Open up until 9pm nous Wednesday v January 16, other than December 26 et January 2. Closed Monday, December 25 et January 1.

€6 during temporary exhibitions, €4.50 at différent times. A billet purchased à la the exhibition "Persona Grata" can be used par a second person during auto following deux weeks.