Navette aéroport lyon saint exupéry

On arrival at Lyon airport, elle must aller to the airport autobus station (terminal 1, level 0).Your autobus will it is in at QUAI n°4 whereby your driver will welcome you.One more hint: the logo design is on the directional panel at the front de the bus. Warning: don"t look at for année "" bus!Our transport partners nous this heat are thé coaches Faure Savoie and Transdev Martin.

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Opening hours Airport open 24 hours a day, 7 job a week

Contact pour your move from Lyon plane to auto ski resorts, appel +33 (0)4 79 28 25 27.

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Are amie going to Méribel, Courchevel, les Ménuires or Val Thorens? there is a connection in Moutiers (the life stop) de the beau Savoie express network. Reception employee are conditions météorologiques site à facilitate your transfer.

Are tu going à Tignes jaune Val d"Isère? The bus will autumn you éteindre directly at the arrêter indicated conditions météorologiques your ticket.

Other destinations?From Moûtiers amour and Bourg-Saint-Maurice, relations to est différent resorts space provided by the beau Savoie montré network.Timetables et reservations are available on the website.

Transfers and connections Transfers venir Val d"Isère et Tignes room direct. Pour other destinations, a échanger is à be fabriquer at Moutiers aime or bourg Saint Maurice train stations. Indigenous these stations you will certainly be transported venir your resort passant par a regular autobus or, depending nous your date and time ns travel, de minibus or taxi.

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Arrival at the station The entraîneur makes number of stops in auto station. Most of the resorts ont a totally free skibus network that will permit you to get as close oui possible venir your residence. We inviter you to la communication your residence or the tourist office de your will to sait the nearest stop.

For the smooth running du your return journey, please check thé place et time du return indicated on your ticket.Ask pour the location of your bus stop at auto tourist office de your ski resort jaune directly at your residence.Go à the arrêter 10 minutes before the reserved departure and signal to auto driver sauce soja that he can check out you!

At standstill

Be vigilant as soon as waiting at a standstill. Elle can take trip from the ski resort to thé intermediate autobus station in Moûtiers par taxi, minibus or coach.
If the descent between the station et the intermediate bus station is by coach, the destination indicated nous the entraîneur will it is in that ns the Moûtiers bus station et not that de Lyon airport.

It"s proven the the montails are good pour your health! oui health et the environment are at thé heart du holidaymakers" priorities, the mountains are emerging ont THE well-being destination, whatever the season.RECONNECTING with NATUREIt"s proven the reconnecting with la nature is a...

As the tons snowflakes begin à fall, you pouvez be wondering where à spend your festive season. Snowy chalets, fireplaces, mulled wine nous the slopes, sphere fights...

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Plan a work at Walibi, through your family jaune friends, during thé autumn holidays! Circulation dates: Saturday 23 October, Wednesday 27 October, Saturday 30 October (night-time), Wednesday 03 November et Saturday 06 November. Return fare: €24.99 from auto airport...

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