Nice to cannes bus 200

Getting à Cannes from laéroport Nice-Côte d’Azur is possible by helicopter, bus, train, et airport shuttle vans, cars, jaune limousines.

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Cannes can conveniently be reached from Nice-Côte d’Azur airport (NCE) on public transportation or pre-reserved cars et shuttle van services. Helicopters are thé fastest way to one du the most glamorous resorts nous the français Riviera but most solo travelers will certainly find montré buses much more affordable. Trains offer a reasonable alternative while regular municipal and inter-city buses are cheap cible slow. Taxis room available cible a pre-booked limousine jaune airport van shuttle service peut être be cheaper v a guaranteed price and assured availability.

By car, traveling temps is about half an hour si using thé toll highway. Expect venir payaround €60 à la a pre-booked car et €100 for a minivan. Taxis are additionally available and charge according to thé meter.Suntransfers gives online quotations pour private airport move without tons requiring personal details jaune flight numbers.

By Express autobus 210 from Cannes venir Nice-Côte d’Azur Airport

During the meugler season, jaune when terminal 1 is no in use, the autobus will only depart native Terminal 2 et services may be much less frequent!

Airport Express autobus 210 is often the best auditeur transportation choice parce que le traveling between joli Airport et Cannes. Auto express bus connects auto airport terminals et Cannes directly and via auto highway haricot de soja traffic is less du a concern.

Express autobus 210 typically runs twice per hour v the first (last) leave from Cannes at 7:00 (19:00) et first (last) departure from auto airport at 8:00 (20:00). Traveling time is about 50 minutes.

Express autobus 210 departs native Terminal 1 and stops at Terminal 2. In Cannes, the bus stops at ns Cannet (Paul Doumer / place Benidorm) and at the stations SNCF (station).

Express buses oui a distinct price structure and not auto €1.50 standard ticket nous ZOU! (Lignes d’Azur) buses in auto Alpes-Maritim département. Simple one-way fares are €22 or €16.50 à la under 26 years. Kids up to 12 pay only €5. Open retour are €33. A group of 4 have the right to travel together pour €66. (Only one person peut être at any temps travel on the carte 6 voyage — €88.)

Tickets may be bought indigenous the bus ticket home windows at thé airport, straight from thé driver (although no at auto airport arrêter when the ticket windows space open), oronline. Thé ticket is valid for the certain day et does no guarantee a place nous a details bus.



Trains sell a reasonable au lieu de, remplacer to using montré buses from Cannes to Nice-Côte d’Azur Airport. Les trains are cheaper but as there is ne sont pas train station directly at the airport, a peu of hassle is added, especially si traveling with luggage.

Nice-Saint Augustin is thé closest train station to auto airport. Use Tram 2 to grand Arénas — the life tram stop after thé airport. Travel is free conditions météorologiques the tram from any type of airport terminal to grand Arénas, which is a block from thé station. View Traveling venir Nice-Côte d’Azur Airport passant par Train pour details.

Train take trip from Cannes à Nice-Saint Augustin conditions météorologiques TER trains takes seulement un 36 minutes and costs €6.10 (standard, seconde class one-way ticket).

French train tickets space available parce que le print at page daccueil from auto official web page of french Railways – Oui.SNCF andRailEurope, or from auto much simpler à use Trainline.

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By autobus 200 from Cannes venir Nice-Côte d’Azur Airport


The budget au lieu de, remplacer for thé cheapest travel between Cannes and Nice-Côte d’Azur airplane is by autobus 200 operated passant par Zou! (previously files d’Azur) the connects Cannes et Park Phoenix in joli generally twice per hour.

Bus 200 autobus does not arrêter at auto airport terminals itself. As soon as traveling to Cannes, autobus 200 arrêter at auto Aéroport/ promenade in the henchmen street outside the airport. When traveling à Nice, autobus 200 walk not arrêter at thé airport — usage tram 2 from se garer Phoenix.

Bus 200 is a défaut municipal autobus with no special space à la luggage. At liven times, the autobus gets full fast et won’t choose up extr passengers. At times ce may be complete with travelers from joli even avant it reaches auto airport — ce may be délicate to usage tram 2 to se garer Phoenix, i beg your pardon is auto terminal for autobus 200.

Traveling temps very much depends nous traffic. Early morning or late night it can be as fast as année hour cible at peak traffic, cette can take it closer venir two hours.

Bus 200 operation twice per hour nous Sundays, 3 times tout de suite hour nous Saturdays, et mostly every fifteen minutes on weekdays. First buses from Nice city pass par the airport approximately 6:10 (7:00 on Sunday).

The standard fare is €1.50. A lundi piece ns hand luggage add to €1 and a suitcase incurs a hefty €5 charge, i m sorry makes the train auto cheaper (and faster) option.

By Helicopter à Cannes from Nice-Côte d’Azur plane in France

Helicopters permit well-heeled travelers à whisk between fashionable Cannes et Nice-Côte d’Azur airport in seven minutes. Several service providers offer scheduled helicopter flights in between Cannes plane (CEQ) and Nice airplane (NCE) with additional flights obtainable to heilig Tropez et Monaco.

Prices pour shared booked helicopter transfers are approximately €120 per person. A personal helicopter with up à six seats are about €400 to Cannes airplane (just external town) and around €500 to venir at Cannes Heliport closer to thé town center.

The fares usually incorporate transportation from auto heliport or Cannes Airport à the final destination.

More conditions météorologiques Travel à Nice-Côte d’Azur Airport:


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SNCF has several main websites: Oui.SNCF is the main site marqué visitors peut être be passed on to est différent SNCF sub-sites with numerous non-European-based users ending up at RailEurope sites that often sell seulement un long-distance former tickets. Trainline et Omio are generally a lot easier venir use et may incorporate searches à la competing buses, such oui Flixbus, that space price et time competitive v trains on some popular routes. Also, try Ouigo for low-cost TGV les trains — limite choice and routes cible low prices.

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Trainline and Omio also sell cross border journeys et tickets parce que le many divers European countries. Publish at patrie tickets are normally the meilleur option, collecting tickets at the gare is time-consuming. Tickets for short journeys et trains in urban locations (RER & Metro) room usually not offered online.