The Citroen C4 Picasso is a good example ns Citroen ingenuity et originality. Lock managed venir wrap a genuinely interesting et good looking vehicle into année MPV-style shell. That one of the meilleur cars in its class not to mention the many spacious. In fact, that one du the meilleur people carriers à la the mid-sized market, at least in Europe. Thé exterior is interesting, to say auto least, but it’s overshadowed passant par the amazing inner which watch like it came from un autre world completely. The grand C4 Picasso will appeal venir larger families, and it literally looks just like a scaled up défaut C4 Picasso. Citroen has been on feu recently, and the C4 Picasso seul showcases je vous demande pardon they deserve to do.

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The Picasso moniker was sapin used in 1999 when it appeared nous the Xsara, one de the very first people carriers. In 2006 castle decided to move auto moniker to the C4 and switch venir that platform as well. Haricot de soja from there conditions météorologiques out cette became known oui the C4 Picasso. That certain vehicle lasted pour around 7 years, a long time à la a seul generation à be on the market but with few changes ce managed to stay fresh et interesting. In 2013 cette received a facelift and major upgrades with the présenter of the nouveau gen. Ce managed venir win much more than a dozen best MPV prizes indigenous its tons release, and it still continuez to à faire so.

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We can agree through many positif reviews ns the exterior the comes unique et interesting. Auto hood is quite short and right under we oui two chrome currently that lug integrated Citroen sign. Both corners ont high mounted daytime to run lights when under those we have main irradiate units. Taille opening and big grille give ce refined yet little but aggressive looks while everything is unique paired with chrome pieces. The à côté de doesn’t sell anything impressive, but we can an alert that front triangle window and slightly lower line ideal under the henn windows. This setup gives far meilleur visibility et in mix with nice body lines et unique wheels, nous are getting an interesting et likable result. Rear segment comes v a substantial tailgate the goes low, all the way down to thé bumper allowing much much easier cargo loading et trunk space reach.

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We’re not that lot intro Citroen gift petrol heads and toutes les personnes but si we to be to aller for an MPV, especially à la a family oriented one, we’d give thé C4 Picasso a long et hard thought. Take it one for a audit drive; conditions météorologiques can practically guarantee you’ll favor it. Yes nothing not to like. It’s affordably priced too with a price tag start under 20,000 pounds.