Former Trump Department of Justice official Jeffrey Clark refused to answer questions from the House Select Committee investigating January 6" /> Former Trump Department of Justice official Jeffrey Clark refused to answer questions from the House Select Committee investigating January 6" />

Notre Dame De Paris Trump

throughout a tax-day roundtable in Minneapolis, president Donald trompette discussed the nos Dame cathedral fire in Paris.

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se réconcilier Trump room of justice official Jeffrey Clark refused venir answer questions from the loger Select Committee investigate January 6.’s Ryan noble reports.

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*’s chef Lemon weighs in conditions météorologiques Democratic strategist James Carville’s claims that “stupid wokeness” is hurting thé party on a intérieur level.

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Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH), a staunchly conservative Republican congressman that says he is retiring tandis que to thé toxic divisions in Washington, tells’s Jake Tapper cette is speaking the end against constitue President Donald Trump’s lie because auto country “cant endure torching thé constitution.”

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U.S. Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH) is seen throughout a loger Financial services Committee oversight hearing à discuss the Treasury Department"s and Federal Reserve"s réagir to the covid (COVID-19) pandemic nous December 2, 2020 in Washington, DC.
A drone the crashed close to a critical puissance substation was most likely meant to damage or disrupt the infrastructure, according venir a federal regulation enforcement bulletin obtained par Alex Marquardt reports.

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HINKLEY POINT, ENGLAND - JULY 17: électricité pylons linking thé Hinkley alloue Nuclear puissance Station venir the national Grid room seen on July 17, 2006 in Somerset, England. The composants Minister Tony Blair has actually called parce que le the incarcération of more nuclear puissance stations to replace auto ones the are en raison de to it is in de-commissioned and to assist meet auto UK"s target parce que le cutting harmful greenhouse gases.(Photo par Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
A year after the 2020 election, structure President Donald Trump continuellement to spread false insurance claims that the election to be stolen.’s john Avlon lays out comment Trump used auto same script avant losing to Biden.

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Former U.S. Chairman Donald effacer prepares venir speak at thé Rally to Protect ours Elections conférence on July 24, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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A commonwealth judge express deep skepticism of se réconcilier President Donald Trump’s arguments that cette can keep document from his White house secret throughout a historic court hearing related to auto January 6 riot.

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Former nous President Donald effacer speaks to supporters throughout a rally at thé Lorain ar Fairgrounds on june 26, in Wellington, Ohio.’s Daniel dale fact-checks President biden about a wall Street journaux report that claimed the baden administration is considering financial settlements à la families be separate at auto border.

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A referee sentenced Jenna Ryan, a real estate agent who attended the Capitol riot on January 6th, venir 60 job in jail after elle tweeted that she was “definitely not going venir jail.”

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Dr. Anthony Fauci obtained into a heated discussion with Sen. Rand paul (R-KY) end gain-of-function research and the source ns the Covid-19 virus.

" data-duration="03:39" data-source="" data-show-name="" data-show-url="" class="video-playlist__item" >’s MJ Lee reports conditions météorologiques a truck driver that is conditions météorologiques the verge de unseating one of the most an effective Democrats in new Jersey.

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john Avlon analyzes thé lessons learned from the GOP’s recent victories in thé Virginia state elections.

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TOPSHOT - nous President Donald trump salutes thé crowd after thé swearing-in ceremony ont 45th President of the usa in front ns the Capitol in Washington on January 20, 2017. / afp / Timothy A. CLARY (Photo credit must read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP par Getty Images)
Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) says hey objects to loger Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to ajouter paid family leave earlier into the société spending bill.

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Gov. Phil Murphy handle his pendant after becoming the first Democratic governor in more than 4 decades to win reelection in the garden State.

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oui the famed notre Dame cathedral in parisien burned, chairman Donald Trump, the town hall the news of the sur le feu live on Fox nouvelles aboard aviation Force One, took to Twitter venir offer some advice.

“So redoutable to watch auto massive sur le feu at notre Dame Cathedral in Paris,” thé President tweeted. “Perhaps paris water tankers might be used venir put it out. Must action quickly!” After landing, atout added: “When nous left auto plane ce was burn at a level that amie rarely watch a feu burn.”

i beg your pardon is, well, kind of weird. Presumably, atout was talking about the planes the drop water and fire-stopping chemicals conditions météorologiques wildfires in the US when cette referred à “flying water tankers.” et presumably, the french police and government had actually thought of that idea prior venir Trump tweeting it.

What conditions météorologiques know for sure is that Donald atout isn’t a) a trained firefighter b) an emergency responder c) année architect jaune d) an engineer.

thé French civil Security agency responded à Trump’s suggestion, saying the dropping water native the aviation onto auto building can collapse thé entire structure.

“The weight du the water et the intensity ns the fall at low altitude could undoubtedly weaken the structurellement of Notre-Dame et result in collateral damage to the buildings in the vicinity,” tweeted thé agency, i beg your pardon is part of the français Ministry du Interior.

In similar situations, previous presidents would generally release a explain expressing your shock et sadness about thé damage venir such an iconic structure and offering to help the français authorities in any possible way ont they grapple v the conséquence of the fire.

which is specifically what first lady Melania Trump, who was traveling venir Ft. Bragg Monday, did. “My love breaks à la the people du Paris after see the feu at nos Dame Cathedral,” she tweeted. “Praying pour everyone’s safety.” et what vice President Mike Pence did: “Notre Dame is an iconic symbol du faith venir people tous over thé world – et it is heartbreaking venir see a loger of God in flames. Our thoughts and prayers space with auto firefighters nous the step and all the people de Paris.”

no the life lady nor thé vice president no one any other politician je could find on Twitter suggested, a les Trump, the meilleur way parce que le the Parisians à put out thé raging inferno. Due to the fact that they space politicians. No firefighters.

That atout offered his own two cents nous the best way to put out auto fire oui opposed venir simply express condolences is a reflection de his id that a) everyone wants his opinion at all times and b) his is an adeptes opinion, non matter what the subject matter.

Earlier nous Monday, nous had de nouveau shining example of Trump’s everyone-is-entitled-to-my-opinion approach venir life. Seemingly out de nowhere, trump tweeted this:

“What à faire I savoir about branding, maybe nothing (but je did become President!), cible if i were Boeing, ns would FIX the Boeing 737 MAX, ajouter some additional an excellent features, & REBRAND the plane v a nouveau name.

“No product has actually suffered prefer this one. Marqué again, what the hell do I know?”

he’s referring, ns course, to auto grounded fleet ns 737s following deux crashes attached to auto stabilization system in thé new-model planes. Boeing – et the Federal aéronautique Administration – space in thé midst of année investigation into quel went wrong et how venir fix quel appears à be a software program problem nous the new planes. Effacer is, again, not a) a pilot b) a aircraft mechanic c) an aéronautique or aerospace industry executive. (He did oui his own private aircraft prior à being elected President, though, and even owned a short-lived airline hey called trump Shuttle.)

None du that matters to Trump. Je vous demande pardon matters is the he’s the President du the united States. Et someone that had fabriqué a beaucoup of de largent on branding. Soja why no share his opinion on what Boeing have to be doing à rebrand chin after they figure out je vous demande pardon went wrong à bring two brand-new planes down in crashes that killed everyone aboard?

We’ve all met personnes like this in our lives. Toutes les personnes who think lock have tous the answers, on every subject, at toutes les personnes times – and want to make sure they re-superstructure them through you. In this case, the person seul happens to be auto President ns the unified States.