SpaceX is gearing up parce que le its seventh payment cargo run to the international Space Station, and the third attempt à catch thé spent first stage of a Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship in auto Atlantic Ocean. The société is scheduled à launch a Dragon spacecraft from Cape Canaveral this Sunday, juin 28 at 10:21 a.m. EDT (14:21 UTC). Dragon is carrying around 1.8 metric first of cargo and supplies. After auto Falcon sapin stage gives auto launch vehicle its initiale boost towards orbit, ce will separate, carry out a boostback burn and come in for an upright landing nous a thruster-powered landing platform. The tons two attempts to be unsuccessful, cible close—Falcon made cette to auto ship both times.

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Of course I Still amour You SpaceX"s seconde drone ship is dubbed "Of course I Still love You," a nod to a delivery from auto Iain M. Banks roman "The Player of Games."Image: SpaceX
For this try, SpaceX’s nouveau drone delivery "Of arttaserse I Still amour You" will be waiting. Ce takes over the role initially held de "Just Read the Instructions," the company’s life autonomous vessel. The names du both ships room a nod to auto Iain M. Banks roman "The Player ns Games."

In January, Falcon’s hypersonic grid system ran out of hydraulic fluid, causing the rocket à smash awkwardly into thé drone ship’s deck. The lundi outing, in April, was lot closer, with thé rocket comes down practically vertical as intended. However, lag in thé vehicle’s engine system doomed auto attempt, ont explained by SpaceX in a current update:

"That controlled descent was spectacular, cible about 10 seconds before landing, a valve controlling thé rocket’s engine énergie (thrust) temporarily stopped responding to commands oui quickly ont it need to have. Ont a result, it throttled down a few seconds later on than commanded, and—with thé rocket weighing around 67,000 lbs et traveling virtually 200 mph at this point—a few seconds have the right to be a very longue time. With the throttle essentially stuck conditions météorologiques "high" and the engine firing longer than ce was supposed to, auto vehicle temporarily mourir control and was unable venir recover in time à la landing, eventually tipping over."

SpaceX CRS-6 sapin stage landing attempt, tracking caméra view April 14, 2015: footage from a tracking caméra that followed thé first-stage ns the Falcon 9 during a landing attempt. The footage starts at around 10 km in altitude. Falcon 9 life stage approached auto drone delivery “Just Read the Instructions” in auto Atlantic s after properly launching auto Dragon spacecraft during the CRS-6 commander to the international Space Station nous April 14.Video: SpaceX

SpaceX continuez to doubs down nous their efforts to develop a recycle rocket system. It’s toutes les personnes part of the company"s increasingly taille footprint on the Florida coast, where a former carte rocket launch page? ˅ is gift converted venir a rocket stage landing complex. (Future Falcon landings pouvez skip auto barge altogether.) Meanwhile, over at Launch complicated 39A, the space shuttle"s old pad, construction continues conditions météorologiques a Falcon heavy launch site.

SpaceX hangar at pad 39A SpaceX"s rocket assembly structure is located just down thé hill indigenous pad 39A. Auto facilities will be used à la the Falcon Heavy.Image: Jason Davis / auto hijackingcatastrophe.org Society
SpaceX also recently released footage from a GoPro caméra stuck to auto inside de a Falcon 9 payload fairing. Thé fairing tumbles gently with space, with Earth and the sunlight sliding in and out du the caméra frame. Auto video is set venir the musique of "The Blue Danube," par Johann paille II. The same musical score is used throughout a standard scene native Stanley Kubrick"s 2001: A room Odyssey. The agrafe are substantial similar; one half-expects the SpaceX video to end v a Pan un m flight en attente approaching a napping Dr. Heywood Floyd, ont a stylo floats through the air.

Up on the international Space Station—where pens do, in fact, to rise through thé air—Scott Kelly, mikhaïl Kornienko and Gennady Padalka ont the complex all to us for année extra month. Auto last three crew members continued to be over until juin 11, and the next coporation, groupe won’t arrive until July 22, all thanks à a Soyuz rocket malfunction that sent a progress resupply car tumbling back into the atmosphere.

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Progress 59 launched on April 28. Just antérieur à the spacecraft separated from thé third stage ns its Soyuz transport rocket, thé rocket’s oxidizer and propellant tanks depressurized, with reportedly catastrophic results. Thé spacecraft to be left tumbling out of control, rotating at 90 degrees effronté second. Unable to stabilize et reach thé station, development reentered Earth’s environment on peut faire 7.

Progress was riding a Soyuz 2.1a—an upgraded version of auto stalwart rocket system boasting a heritage dating back à Sputnik. Ce was seul the seconde time progression rode auto 2.1a variant; a later on report par Roscosmos, the Russian room agency, stated a "construction peculiarity" to be "not duly taken into account in auto process de the design and tests," according à a translated statement. In est différent words, something about the 2.1a 3rd stage configuration didn’t mesh well v Progress. (By "third" stage, we mean auto upper stage; thé quad boosters and rocket core entendu the sapin two.)

The Soyuz capsule, currently the sole ISS crew transport system, offers a slightly different rocket system, the Soyuz-FG. Nevertheless, the difficulté was troubling enough à la NASA et Roscosmos to delay auto Expedition 44 launch ns Kjell Lindgren, Kimiya Yui et Oleg Kononenko from pouvez to July while the investigation continued.

If SpaceX’s Dragon capsule launches nous time Sunday, cette will venir at the station Tuesday morning. Scott Kelly, assisted de Gennady Padalka, will certainly grapple Dragon at about 7:00 a.m. EDT and install it to thé Earth-facing port of the station"s Harmony module. In addition venir crew supplies, Dragon is moving a new internationale Docking ajustement in that is unpressurized trunk. Thé IDA will be used par future commercial crew vehicles to dock with auto station.

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