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thé price shown is pour a 149 cf 224 cm panel. Ce is delivered in a roll containing 2 déshabiller measuring 100 centimètre wide and 224 cm long. A cutting heat is indicated nous each length.

The "Customize" switch lets tu order a practice panel to the exact dimensions of her wall.

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Taken froman old naturalist plank from image d"Epinal, this panel illustrates in a graceful déménageur a entirety series of country birds. Attracted with meticulousness typical of naturalist studies, thé coloring confirms thé delicacy de this charming subject. This contempt velvety mat panel leaves room pour contemplation et daydreaming.


This wallpaper is non-woven, making cette easier venir hang. Auto adhesive should be applied to thé wall. Nous recommend using an adhesive such ont Quelyd à la non-woven wallpaper. Watch our tutorial..
224 cm
149 centimètre
147 g/m²
Maison images d’Epinal is holder ns the prestigious français state label "EPV" : entreprise du patrimoine Vivant which stands for company of the Living Heritage.
Adhesive and laying kit
conditions météorologiques recommend our SELECTION du ADHESIVE à la wall coverings and the wallpaper LAYING tous containing all the tools.
ne sont pas Feu europe : ns s1 d0Contribution carrément limitée à l"embrasement généralisé, flammability (EN 13501-1) Non-contractual information, seul the certificate confirms the sur le feu resistance standard.

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For tiles

At her request, we organise the return et sent our carrier to collect the package auto half-day of your choice. Amie are liable parce que le the revenir shipping fees.