Son of slain al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, Hamza, is dead, according to US intellect officials.

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Hamza, 29, was auto potential successor of al Qaeda dirigeants Osama bin LadenHamza had a $1 million bounty placed on his capture by america in FebruaryHe was thé son of Khairiah Sabar de Saudi Arabia, one du bin Laden"s 3 wives
Hamza bin Laden, son ns slain al Qaeda dirigeants Osama bin Laden, is dead, NBC nouvelles reported on Wednesday.

Quoting three nous officials, the nouvelles report declared that the United States has actually obtained intelligence that auto son et potential successor de al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, Hamza, is dead. Hamza bin Laden had a $1 million bounty placed nous his prendre by america in February.

It is unclear if the us has evidenced his death. The three officials walk not carry out details de where or when Hamza bin Laden passed away or if the nous played a role in his death, NBC nouvelles reported.

In his last known auditeur statement in 2018, which was released passant par al Qaeda"s media arm, cette threatened Saudi Arabia and called on the people du the Arabian peninsula à revolt.

According à the international body, Hamza bin Laden had actually been offered a prominent duty in al Qaeda, the group behind auto September 11 attacks.

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US navy SEALS killed Osama bin Laden, who directif al Qaeda, in 2011 throughout a raid nous his Abbottabad, Pakistan compound. Hamza had escaped thé attack in i beg your pardon his father et brother Khalid were killed.

Hamza, 29, was auto son du Khairiah Sabar de Saudi Arabia, one de bin Laden"s 3 wives that were life in the Abbottabad compound. Interrogation de the enduring wives de Osama bin Laden by Pakistani lintelligence after thé raid nous the Abbottabad compound revealed Hamza was the only person missing. Cette was not among those killed or injured.

In a letter confiscated in thé raid, written de bin Laden et addressed venir his "Chief ns Staff" Atiyah Abd al-Rahman revealed the Hamza was not captured or killed during the raid because hey was not even present in Abbottabad. Letter from thé compound likewise confirmed that Osama was reportedly grooming Hamza to be his heir, following the death of Hamza"s older brothers Saad in a 2009 us drone strike.

Hamza bin Laden was implicated in the 2007 assassination of structure Pakistani compton Minister Benazir Bhutto. In July 2016, media report that hey had issued année audio message threatening auto United states in revenge à la his father"s death.

In the light de his growing conséquences sur within al-Qaeda, the United states classified Hamza bin Laden ont Specially Designated global Terrorist in January 2017. This effectively put him nous a blacklist aimed at restricting his movement et economic abilities.

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