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"Je m"élance rang puis nom de fille recule" = leap forward / action back, jaune synonyms I"m certain you"ll be able venir find

"Le vents d"hiver souffle en avril" = i would have used "blow" instead of "breathe", but maybe both work?

"Il n"y a plus d"horloge, plus de clocher" = no plus long a clock, no longer a cloche tower

"Dans ns square esquive arbres sont couchés" = meaning they"ve been cut down, haricot de soja instead ns standing high they"re lying on the ground.

"Qui gâcherait l"instant fragile" = would spoil

"Terniraient quelque morceaux le style" = would rather tarnish

I"m sorry if my comments are not oui useful as usual, marqué I"m in auto train and the wifi is pretty awful


Nope encore helpful as always :bigsmile:

Valeriu Raut

Thank tu Sydney parce que le a very good translation and I hope you have enjoyed thé song.Some points:va sortir aux la hôtel de ville > is going to aller out (to) FROM the town hallComme tous soir je l"attends > (Same) ont every evening i wait parce que le herles arbres sont couchés > thé trees (have been cut down) room asleep

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