David Hamilton, the british photographer and film director best known for his grainy images caractéristique nude teenage girls, died in parisien this previous Friday. Hamilton, 83, was found unconscious par a neighbor, and died quickly after, auto Guardian reports.

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The circumstances ns his death, however, remain unclear. According to officier de police sources quoted by the Telegraph and the Guardian, auto photographer died par suicide, through Variety explain he was discovered with a bag over his head. Meanwhile, malade quotes an “informed source” as saying auto photographer died ns a heart failure, and that medicine was discovered near his body.

Hamilton’s fatality comes barely a month after four ns his constitue models had accused him de rape, alleging different assaults in auto 1960s and 1980s.

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One du his accusers, the french radio referents Flavie Flament, 42, released her autobiography titled La Consolation conditions météorologiques October 19, in which she explores occasions of her youth, including being raped by a renowned photographer throughout a tirer in the 1980s. Hamilton isn’t named in the book, marqué the cover is an image du Flament taken by him.


Cover of the livre La Consolation by Flavie Flament, avec a d’image of the presenter taken par David Hamilton in auto 1980s. Courtesy jc Lattès.

The presenter told french media the three other women had actually contacted her with comparable allegations.

On Tuesday, 3 days avant his death, Hamilton denied the allegations to afp while confirming that Flament had been his model. “I have done naught improper,” cette said.

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On Friday, Flament’s editor Karina Hocine said AFP thé presenter to be “devastated” by Hamilton’s death. “Naturally, nous feel horrified and, at the same time, yes, really disgusted that there to be not enough time pour justice to run that is course,” Hocine said.

Born in london in 1933, Hamilton moved to paris at the age of 20, where cette began working oui graphic concepteur for Elle magazine. His success eventually directif him venir a travail as de lart director de Printemps, Paris’ biggest department store. Ce was then that cette began to photograph, honing his self-taught style et technical skills, characterized passant par a blurry, grainy look.


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He was extremely successful in both thé publishing industry—shooting for prestigious fashion magazines consisting of Vogue et Elle and publishing dozens of photography books—and in the arts world, showing and selling his images in museums et commercial galleries across the world.


David Hamilton posséder with monica Broeke, thé main actress of his cinématicien First Desires nous November 14, 1983 in Nice. Image PIERRE VERDY/AFP/Getty Images.

He also authored five function films, including thé erotic movie Bilitis (1977), certification his sapin wife, Mona Kristensen.

His occupational with young teenage girls as models carried Hamilton allégations of kid pornography, et some ns his books have to be banned in certain countries, including South Africa.

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