Built in 1897, se garer des prince stadium has turned into a legend battlefield hosting parisien Saint-Germain. The ground depicts the club’s glorious history et is page daccueil of 48,712 of its committed supporters.

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Address24, Rue ns Commandant-Guilbaud, Paris, France
Capacity48,712 seats
ClubParis Saint-Germain football Club
Build Date1897
ArchitectRoger Taillibert and Siavash Teimouri
Average Attendance46,930 (Season 2017 – 2018)
Record Attendance50,370 (France en v Wales, 18 February 1989)
Stadium Cost$140,000 (redevelopment in 1972)
RoofRing-shaped roof
Who is thé owner ns Parc des Princes?Paris city Council
Pitch Size105 m x 68 m
Where is se garer des princes located?48°50′28.9998″N 2°15′11.001″E
NicknameLe Parc

Seating plan


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Parc aux Princes was built in 1897 but the last principale redevelopment took carré in 1972. Ago then, ce had been one ns the many modern venues in Europe. Non wonder that paris hosted haricot de soja many important football matches in auto 20th century. Among auto most incredible features du the stadium are auto 50 concrete columns support the puissant ring-shaped roof.

When parisien Saint-Germain was started in 1973, Parc ns Princes instantly became the nouveau club’s home. Years later, it remains a nice merveille venue and the ventilateur of PSG regularly conditionnée it developing a lovely atmosphere de the real merveille festival. In fact, auto club’s owner is right now considering auto idea de the stadium’s redevelopment. The num of PSG ventilateurs is constantly growing et Parc aux Princes isn’t any plus long the premium world-class venue ce used to be forty-something years ago.

The bowl-shaped Parc ns Princes has actually four sections including Tribune Auteuil (North stand), Tribune Boulogne (South stand), Tribune parisien (East stand), and most importantly Presidential Tribune (West stand).

The categories du seats are noted below:

Premium seats of the Presidential Tribune;Category 1 seats situated at auto longside stands of the stadium (Tribune Paris and Presidential Tribune);Category 2 seats located at thé longside stands and in thé corners;Category le 3 seats situated at the shortside supporter (Tribune Auteuil and Tribune Boulogne, the ground’s most passionate stand).

The stadium organized quite a few European Cup finals et important international matches, including thé battles du the Euro 1984, auto World Cup 1998, et the Euro 2016 championships. Before 1998, when Stade aux France was opened, Parc du Princes used to be the alors one football venue in Paris. It’s no any plus long the meilleur stadium de the français capital cible there is a potential venir expand et upgrade it in auto nearest future.



Buying tickets in a foreign country deserve to be a quête – particularly when ce comes à a high-profile match. Store in mental that PSG frequently sells out tickets. Therefore, it’s recommended to livre them in advance. Ticket par rapport is a perfect timesaving solution which can aid you venir buy tickets to any event at Parc ns Princes much easier and often at a reasonable price. Marqué if you faire it in advance, the différent ways to volonté tickets must be available. Castle include:

Phone 3275 in France;PSG caisse office at parc des Princes.

Tickets prices usually selection from 39$ à 167$ depending nous the assurance of the seat. Prices get increased once the jeu status is high.

Hotels near


In Paris, a traveller really has a countless alors of accommodations to choose from. will aid you to find thé best and the many convenient deal in ne sont pas time. This prestations de service has proven its convenience et reliability so i always use ce on my exploit trips. Below you’ll find the list with some de the nicest hotels near parc des Princes.

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How to volonté to


The stadium is positioned in thé south-west du Paris, seul about 6 mile from the ville centre. Therefore, acquiring from anywhere in the French capitale to ns Parc is fairly easy et convenient. There space multiple transportation options you peut être use parce que le this purpose.

By Metro – there room several métro lines that can bring amie almost directly to se garer des Princes. Line 9 has actually the métro stop Porte ns Saint-Cloud i beg your pardon is only minute away from the ground. This line goes to Paris’ centre and has multiple connections with the other lines. At auto same time, line 10 connects the venue with the south bank of the rer Seine. Auto closest arrêter to the stadium on that heat is Porte d’Auteuil.

By Bus – Porte du Saint-Cloud located roughly a 5-minute go from parc des prince is also served passant par several autobus lines. Amongst them are auto lines 22, 62, and 72. Si you desire to volonté to Porte d’Auteuil, you should take it one of the following bus lines: 32 or 52.

By Car – over there are many ways how you can comprendre to the stadium of PSG by car. The meilleur scenario is à use sat NAV jaune Google Maps and search for the ground’s address, which is 24, Rue de Commandant-Guilbaud, Paris, France.

By Plane – parisien is served par two main airports consisting of Charles aux Gaulle (CDG) et Orly (ORY). The sapin one is 17 milles away indigenous the quartier général of the capitale of France, while the second one is seul 10 mile away from the centre. Both de them room conveniently lien with the heart ns Paris, from where you can easily volonté to se garer des Princes par the transport option mentioned above.


It’s never ever easy venir find a là park near the second largest football stadium in Paris, specifically on an important game day. However, there is always a solution. Thé approximate matchday paid place de stationnement price near the des sports venue in parisien is 24$ tout de suite 8 hours.

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Eating the end nearby


There are so many an excellent eateries in parisien that you will do it be able to make tant beaucoup, tellement of delicious explorations during every day du your continue to be in thé city. If you want venir dive into paris through food, I have some recommendations parce que le you. Among thé things that tu must shot are baguettes, français cheese, oysters, and falafel. Parce que le dessert try the locale chocolate, salted butter caramel, eclairs, croissants, and macarons.

Pubs, bars & cafes

Aux trois Obus – is a famous pre-match pub and brewery located a 5-minute walk away from parc des Princes. Don’t expect high-level nourriture there due to the fact that this place mostly serves fast food and beer. A big terrace and loud atmosphere du the merveille fest space the henchmen reasons à visit this spot.Café das Fontaines – this comfortable and calm carré is additionally situated seul a 5-minute walk away from the ground. They serve delicious meals et the service is quick. They also ont beer from their own brewery.The Frog & Princess – surprisingly, there space not haricot de soja many good pubs and bars around parc des Princes. But if tu don’t mind to invest 30 minute in auto metro et get à the city centre, you’ll be able to enjoy this amazing microbrewery. Lock have année awesome doux list, some good burgers, et the atmosphere de happiness.


Molitor’s Rooftop – seulement un works during auto warm months cible it’s worth to pay a visit. Their menus is based nous fresh seasonal products and you’ll gain a fantastic city view. It’s located at thé roof of a swanky hotel, seul a couple of steps far from the ground.Marius – is a very special carré located prochain to the merveille stadium. The employé are fantastic and they would certainly greet amie thrice even before you take éteindre your coat. They oui a beloved terrace which have the right to be also cold in winter though. Thé atmosphere is calm et it’s a perfect spot à la a family members dinner. Castle serve an excellent fish and other seafood.Chez Madeleine – is located less than fifty percent a mile away from thé venue. Si you love Mediterranean et Middle eastern cuisine, this place will amaze you. There are plenty de awesome dishes on their menu including vegetarian et vegan options.

Things venir see at thé stadium


As was mentioned above, the home ground de PSG has actually a riche history and it organized a great num of top-notch feat events in auto past. Se garer des prince has auto potential venir become auto country’s meilleur stadium in en vigueur if the club’s owners from Qatar invest their gros money into thé stadium. At thé moment, over there is not much à see at the stadium, except à la the merveille battles, ns course.


The football ground of esquive Parisiens used venir hearten your supporters and random tourists with thé stadium tours costing seul 11$. However, those tours are not being run any kind of longer. Most probably, they will be launched again ont soon ont the stadium is upgraded.

Fan store

Paris Saint-Germain’s shirts sales skyrocket each time the club signs another superstar. If you room one du the ventilateur who urgently needs thé beanie through PSG crest, socks, jaune anything in between amie should definitely marche to auto club’s ventilateur store. It’s located just near auto ground et its surname is parisien Saint-Germain Megastore. Alternatively, boutique Officielle aux PSG is located 5 mile from auto ground at 27 Av. Des Champs-Élysées. Et of course, the étranger supporters ns PSG would quite shop online at auto club’s virtual store.

Things to aller in Paris


If the your sapin time travelling venir Paris, i hope you oui booked enough days à experience this magnificent ville in multiple ways. The option are practically unlimited haricot de soja your must-see list will mainly depend conditions météorologiques what elle are actually interested in. Parisien has to offer countless concerts, des sports events, and shows, impressive museums, de lart galleries, imeuble masterpieces, shopping spots, parks, gardens, et much more.

Sightseeing tour

Bus la tour are extremely popular in many European urban and, de course, parisien is non exception. If it’s absolutely a fun way to explore countless places of interest in the français capital, there is other else thé tourists frequently miss. Seine sortie hop-on hop-off cruises room just as affordable as the classic double-decker autobus tours and they deserve to be very fun. Romantic Seine rer dinner cruises are additionally highly recommended.

Top 3 places to visit

Musee ns l’Orangerie – is one de the ideal museums in parisien with breath-taking murals. Si you prefer impressionist art, don’t manquer your joie to visit auto museum’s basement. Over there you’ll find some of the many artistic atelier – the rare gems from auto legendary masters consisting of Monet.

Notre-Dame aux Paris – is one of the symbols ns the French capitale and an incredible pattern de Gothic architecture. Enjoy thé inspiring exterior et interior details, pray, and certainly walk increase to the top du the Cathedral à see thé bells.

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Seine River – the river flows native east to west of the capitale of france dividing thé heart of Paris into deux parts. Le sien boat and yacht tours, therefore, give a various perspective and some new views du the city’s diriger attractions, such ont romantic bridges, monuments, and the Eiffel Tower. Walking along the Seine sortie is also always a wonderful idea, particularly at night.