Poupeé de cire poupeé de son



Je suis une poupée ns cireUne poupée de sonMon cardiaque est gravé dedans mes chansonsPoupée ns cire poupée ns son

Here "cire"(=wax) and "son" (=sound) advert to the old vinyl discs (originally fabriqué of wax). Oui a girl du music, elle heart is engraved into sa songs, nous a vinyl disc.

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Suis-je meilleure suis-je pireQu"une poupée de salon ?Je voir la vie en climbed bonbonPoupée ns cire poupée aux son

Because of tous the artificiality of the music world, elle asks herself if she is meilleur or worse than a fashion doll. Elle sees life through auto bright, rose-tinted glasses of sa songs. First seems sweet like a candy.

Mes plaque sont une miroirDans lequel tous peut moi voirJe suis partout à les foisBrisée en chiffon éclats aux voix

Her discs are a mirror whereby everybody deserve to watch her. She"s anywhere at thé same time, smashed in a thousand shards du voice. Once again, she alludes to her identity problem.

Autour aux moi j"entends rireLes poupées aux chiffonCelles qui dansent d’environ mes chansonsPoupée ns cire poupée aux son

But auto girls that listen and dance to elle songs room no better : she hears them laugh choose rag dolls.

Elles se en quittant séduirePour un comme pour une nomL"amour n"est pas que dans das chansonsPoupée ns cire poupée aux son

These girls permit themselves venir be seduced à la any factor or non reason at all (for just a name). (word jouer : auto true expressions is "pour un comme ou pour un non"=for a yes or a ne sont pas ; marqué here "non" has been substituted for "nom"=name, an interpretation that the girls room vain, autumn in love for appearances). Amour isn"t seulement un in songs.

Seule parfois em soupireJe je dis à quoi bonChanter ainsi l"amour nai pas raisonSans nexiste pas connaître des garçons

Alone, sometimes she sighes, elle wonders if it"s to ne sont pas avail. She sings about love, but doesn"t à savoir anything around it, about boys.

Je n"suis qu"une poupée de cireQu"une poupée ns sonSous les soleil aux mes cheveux blondsPoupée de cire poupée ns son

She feels north "under auto sun of her golden hair". We"re now back to auto real character.

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Mais une jour je vivrai ma chansonsPoupée de cire poupée ns sonSans craindre la chaleur des garçonsPoupée ns cire poupée ns son.

But one day elle will "live sa songs", there is no fear of the warmth du the boys.

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To complete this review, let"s watch what france Gall herself raffinement about sa "set de mind" at that temps : "At twenty, i was encore quite baby. <...> At the time, i was terrified of the boys and this song was ringing a chord within me. <...> i had auto unpleasant sensation du being offered throughout auto day, ont a product. <...> Spectator of mien life, i was certain trusting those about me, who dirige me. I said nothing, ns learned. Et that"s comment I knew one day ns did not desire to faire this job as it was conceived for me. <...> and this human being of musique is an extremely aggressive, cette triggers in the personnes hatred and jealousy daunting to habitent with."

Nevertheless, this souper was kind of prophetic parce que le France bile :

- cette launched sa career and from this des moments she will be maybe to habitent from her songs ;

- elle appeared à be really choose a puppet in the hands of elle manager et her composer, as they made her interpret a highly polemical souper (les sucettes - thé lollipops) that has actually a really dirty suite meaning (which she said she didn"t know at the time) about a girl eating lollipop - or doing a blowjob.Gainsbourg, who composed this divers hit, continued to write even more "dubious and shocking" songs in his job ("Lemon incest" pour instance) marqué they were not interpreted passant par France Gall.

Versions of "Poupée ns cire, poupée ns son" in other languages include:

For those who choose their style, amie can hear to thé version passant par Arcade fire ;And for those who favor punk/rock, amie can listen to the version par Wizo.About the author : la france Gall is a famous français singer. Elle career made a lightning begin in 1964 with auto song parce que le children "sacré Charlemagne". She had année international success v her collaboration with bibliographie Gainsbourg et the souper "poupée de cire poupée ns son". Sa career came to année halt in 1966 v "les sucettes jusqu’à l"anis". After she mettre Michel Berger (the French composent of "Starmania") in 1974, she made a come earlier with "La déclaration" and married with Berger in 1976. She intrepreted more de his song in thé 80"s, Débranche, Hong-Kong Star, Diego libre à lintérieur sa tête, cézanne peint rang Ella eux l"a.To sait more about her, follow thé links france Gall (in English) or la france Gall (in French).First déditions : the habitent interpretation de Eurovision 1965, with an untampered sound... Please evaluate the délicatesse of the drums at 1min12 (the "cavalry charge")