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The grand Theatre in Bordeaux to be designed par architect victor Louis et inaugurated nous 7th April du 1780. Its façade (composed du a portico through 12 Corinthian columns), its outstanding vestibule, that numerous statue testify about its Neoclassical aesthetics. Its monumental staircase has inspired Charles Garnier to realize those at the paris Opera.

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The theatre lobby is in couleur of royalty: blue, white et golden. Underneath auto stage, there is toujours preserved machine from the 18th century. Gift a seat du the national Opera of Bordeaux directed par Marc Minkowski, the vaste Theatre provides a substantial drama, dance et music routine to auditeur every season.

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Opéra National ns Bordeaux – Grand-ThéâtrePlace aux la ComédieBP 9009533025 Bordeaux CedexFrance


Visits: Wednesday et Thursday native 14.30 to 18.30 (except holidays)

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Victor Louis was a brilliant and interesting man, a friend ns Beaumarchais et Mme Geoffrin, who had actually studied at Rome, constructed a royal residence in Warsaw et made enhancements (now regretted) à Chartres Cathedral, antérieur à returning to Bordeaux in 1772. Thé story de his long et acrimonious dealings v the ville council during the prochain eight year reminds one strongly du the building de Blenheim. Favor Vanbrugh, he was forced venir relinquish control antérieur à the structure was finished and departed to parisien embittered and angry. A request parce que le a pension was rotate down with the excuse that cette had already involved the ville in unnecessary expense with his "peristyles et painted ceilings". Pour the facade, in fact, Louis had actually adopted thé simplest and grandest of tous motifs, a long colonnade de twelve high Corinthian columns faire un don a level entablature. Originally thé ground sloped up soja that carriages could périple inside this colonnade. Ce is ongoing round the page elevations oui a pilaster order. Au entering, one finds oneself in a court vestibule supported nous Doric columns, which leads to the vaste staircase lobby —one du Louis" boldest ideas, auto importation right into a theatre de a feature hitherto mostly characteristic du palaces. The hall itself rises to auto whole height du the building et is extended by année oblong domical vault finishing in a skylight. Venir left and right thé elevation consists of année arched, rusticated floor storey and a gallery de Ionic columns. In the centre the staircase ascends until ce meets the frais wall whereby a door flanked par caryatids leads right into the super Sails, auto auditorium; then ce divides left et right et goes increase to the gallery. Above the cornice, bryce cut into auto panels ns the vault expose a view de small domes over thé galleries. End the court vestibule, just ont at Soufflot"s Lyons theatre, is année oval concert hall. The super Salle chin looks à Italy quite than à Versailles or Besancon, but its originality is automatically apparent. Luigi rests his domed ceiling on four henchmen supports creating a square. Two ns them coincide with auto sides du the proscenium arch; the other two are huge Ionic columns i m sorry divide the auditorium into three segments. These segments space articulated de further Ionic columns, holding three rows of "boxes, so that at life sight they type a continuous colonnade, i.e. The échantillon of Caserta. Marqué above the cornice auto three segments end up being galleries under broad segmental arches. The plinth of the totality colonnade is a hard rusticated wall. Thé stage is framed passant par the normal paired columns holding boxes. Patte called this "the most magnificent du our modern-day theatres".


In: Tidworth, Simon : Theatres: année Illustrated History. Londres 1973. P. 112 - 114


Author: Simon Tidworth

Simon Tidworth:

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