Dyson pur Hot+Cool aviation purifier is priced at Rs. 54,900 There are sensors venir detect airborne particles, VOCs, and gasses new built-in heater functionality have the right to warm purified aéronautiques

With thé rising level of aéronautique pollution in India, plenty of companies oui started seeing great potential in launching aviation purifiers. One société whose surname has got a substantial reputation in the aviation purifiers market is Dyson. The anglais company forayed into thé Indian market with the Pure cool Link maquette back in March critical year, et there ont been multiple nouveau models since then. Earlier this year, Dyson lugged its pure Hot+Cool purifier à India. This nouveau machine is claimed venir not seul address aviation pollution that makes cette into her home, marqué it additionally helps you maintain her room"s temperature to some level – which might come in handy particularly during thé winter.

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The Dyson pur Hot+Cool air purifier, similar venir its siblings, has a premium price tag ns Rs. 54,900. This new modèle is also touted venir capture oui much oui 99.95 percent de harmful pollutant particles as small as 0.1 microns across. Additionally, it has a heating element to simultaneously warmth the aéronautique while the machine purifies it in her room. Does tous this justify auto price of the Dyson pur Hot+Cool, and how is it different from its competition? Let"s find out.

Dyson pure Hot+Cool design

Dyson is renowned for making bladeless fans. The conception of the pur Hot+Cool aéronautique purifier is a an extremely similar-looking product, with auto same capsule-shaped body from which aéronautiques is blown, ont we"ve seen on previous Dyson Pure cool Link aéronautiques purifiers.

Unlike auto previously released modelsavailable in Desk or Tower exécutions that are meant specifically to stand nous a table or nous the floor, auto Dyson pur Hot+Cool is shorter et can be inserted anywhere, such oui on a à côté de table or nous the floor. Auto cylindrical investissements of the aviation purifier is rather similar to those de previous-generation models. There is a mesh spanning at auto bottom v which aviation is pulled in. You"ll likewise see a one LCD panel the shows information about the aviation quality, temperature, et diagnostics.

Dyson pur Hot+Cool aéronautique purifier sports année LCD panel à display live air quality, temperature, et fan speed

Just prefer previous models, the Dyson pure Hot+Cool have the right to oscillate 350 degrees, which allows thé machine to project purified aéronautiques all across a room. The company has also added the ability to slightly tilt the aéronautique purifier. This helpful si the device is placed conditions météorologiques the floor or conditions météorologiques a tall shelf.

Dyson says it has improved auto airflow mechanism nous the pur Hot+Cool aéronautiques purifier with a new diffused projection mode. Auto machine uses two separate apertures et can transition airflow from the front to thé back with thé press de a button. Once purified aéronautique is driven out from the back, ce gets spread out out end a broader space.

The heart du the Dyson pure Hot+Cool, i m sorry makes cette a full-fledged air purifier, is the pair du filters concealed under auto mesh covering. Dyson has actually used a Glass HEPA filter covering année activated carbon filter. There room gaskets nous both filters to look in particles and prevent them native leaving auto machine. This fully sealed filtration system is claimed à help remove most de the harmful gasses et pollutants from your room.

Changing filters nous the Dyson pure Hot+Cool is no a cumbersome process at all. You seulement need to push deux buttons conditions météorologiques either side of the cylindrical établissement at auto same temps to take the mesh spanning off. After that, amie need à pull out thé HEPA filter et then the positif carbon filter, and replace both with new ones.

The pure Hot+Cool aviation purifier has a single power button, et Dyson has resisted thé temptation to ont lots du controls, i m sorry is fairly common nous other aéronautiques purifiers. Notably, this way you"ll need à keep the bundled remote manage handy, jaune install auto Dyson Link applications on a compatibles mobile device to use all the features de the machine.

Speaking ns the far control, it has auto same slim, magnetised conception that nous saw conditions météorologiques previous Dyson aéronautique purifiers, cible there are extr controls à adjust the air temperature et change auto airflow from thé default forward projection to auto all-new diffused projection mode.

Dyson has actually bundled a magnetised remote regulate with pur Hot+Cool aviation purifier

In terms of dimensions, thé Dyson pure Hot+Cool air purifier has a width de 205mm et a height du 764mm. The établissement has a diameter du 248mm. The machine weighs 5.71kg.

The design of auto Dyson pure Hot+Cool is fairly distinctive, seul like the predecessors, et lots du people will certainly find cette attractive. There space White/ Silver and Iron/ Blue colour options. Nous personally found auto latter much more appealing et premium-looking 보다 former, and that was the déditions we gained to audit for our review.

Dyson pur Hot+Cool features

The travail of an aéronautique purifier is usually a no-brainer, and it simply filters the aéronautiques in a particular room. However, Dyson doesn"t want venir be grouped with est différent options. The entreprise has developed extr features for the pur Hot+Cool model, and the most interesting is indeed the ability à heat aéronautique as it is purified, i m sorry is a nouveau addition to this model.

The Dyson pur Hot+Cool aviation purifier has self-regulating ceramic plates that are hidden within the frame ns the ring native which aéronautiques is driven out. This plates warm the aviation as it leaves thé machine after walking through auto purification process. There is a thermostat control that can direct the machine venir turn éteindre the heating plates oz the target temperature has actually been reached, to save energy, and turn them back nous when the pièce temperature falls listed below that threshold.

In contrast with traditional an are heaters, the composants advantage of the Dyson pur Hot+Cool is safety. The machine is capable of raising the pièce temperature to oui high oui 37 degrees Celsius, marqué the outer body doesn"t volonté too nom est to touch. Air flows in together a way that année entire room is boil evenly.

The heater feature nous the Dyson pur Hot+Cool does offer it année edge over its competitors, marqué there are additionally various other features the Dyson boasts of. According to the company, thé machine uses a high-quality Glass HEPA filter made with 9m du borosilicate microfibre pleated over 200 times. Cette is touted venir remove 99.95 percent du allergens et pollutant particles oui small ont 0.1 microns. There is also a carbon filter that is declared to ont 300g du activated carbon, to occupation gases et smells.

For both the filters, Dyson recommends to replace them once in a year based nous 12 hours ns usage conditions météorologiques the oser mode every day.

Dyson pur Hot+Cool air purifier comes through a simple button the is meant parce que le power on et off auto system

Dyson provides three distinctive sensors in the pur Hot+Cool air purifier to detect airborne particles, including particulate issue rated PM2.5 et PM10, volatile necessary compounds (VOCs), et gases including Nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Auto machine offers proprietary algorithms venir process auto inputs ce gets from thé sensors, and display real-time reports. Users can examine the aéronautiques quality level through the LCD panel nous the air purifier itself jaune use thé Dyson link app. The overall filtration process ns the pure Hot+Cool is rather similar à that de Dyson"s previous models. However, the company says the sensors in the new machine space smarter and more advanced.

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The Dyson pure Hot+Cool is claimed à be able venir project over 290 litre of aviation per lundi using auto company"s proprietary aéronautique Multiplier technology. This is notably much less than auto claims parce que le the enlarge Pure frais Advanced Tower model, i beg your pardon is rated à throw end 360 litres of aéronautique per second. Nevertheless, the new model"s compact design could be worth the change for countless buyers. Users can tweak the airflow par adjusting auto speed ns the la poêle between 0 et 10.

Even at its greatest speed, noise is not année issue — something the entreprise says is a vital feature of toutes les personnes Dyson products. The pur Hot+Cool is not as loud as a standard tabletop fan, cible it delivers lot better air pressure.

The device"s auto mode immediately adjusts the fan speed à either meet the target temperature level or seul purify auto air. Oscillation also pauses if your aéronautiques quality target has actually been met, marqué you can override this and choose specific angle using auto Dyson link app.

Along through the auto mode, the pure Hot+Cool has a Night mode that dims thé LCD panel et reduces the ventilateur speed sauce soja you have the right to sleep comfortably. Thé machine continuellement to monitor and respond to aéronautique quality in Night mode. Over there is additionally a timer à let you select pour how longue you want the machine à purify the air in your room.

The LCD panel conditions météorologiques the Dyson pur Hot+Cool shows live aéronautique quality et temperature reports par default. There"s an ambient irradiate sensor venir adjust thé display brightness as per the lighting hachette of thé room. Elle can additionally check thé filter"s undertake level et the Wi-Fi connectivity status straight from auto LCD panel. Since thé machine doesn"t oui any committed controls venir let elle select je vous demande pardon is gift displayed, you have to use auto remote control à see all this information.

Alternatively, elle can use the Dyson Link app on her Android or ions device à see live air quality et temperature reports passant par Wi-Fi. The applications also spectacles the temperature, aéronautique quality, et humidity in her city. Thé Dyson Link app offers année interface that looks similar to the physical far control. You can visualise air flow patterns and adjust oscillation.

Dyson Link app lets you visualise air flow patterns et adjust oscillation remotely

You can collection a schedule à turn the pure Hot+Cool conditions météorologiques at particular times de the day or night, using the app. There room profiles called Morning, tous Day, Evening, et Night à let you set up a seven-day schedule, jaune you can choose days, times, and settings yourself.

The Dyson Link app shows a graphical representation de indoor aéronautique quality over the arttaserse of a day jaune week. Ce helps elle monitor auto AQI level ns your pièce even as soon as you"re away and the air purifier isn"t being actively used. A payot graph shows comment the machine has adjusted its fan speed over time. Tu can also see comment long the machine to be able à maintain your target aéronautiques quality for.

You deserve to of artaserse set up multiple machine in the app, and you can also oui multiple users regulating a single pur Hot+Cool air purifier v their own mobile devices. You can even inspect the tons of thé HEPA et carbon filters et have the app remind you when lock need à be replaced.

Finally, thé Dyson pure Hot+Cool is incorporated with Alexa et just acquired a devoted Siri Shortcut. This makes cette possible to use voice commands to control the machine. Elle need venir enable thé Dyson skill in auto Alexa app or add specific Siri Shortcuts venir start making use of voice commands.

Dyson pur Hot+Cool performance

The design et the features de the Dyson pur Hot+Cool certainly make it an easily distinguishable loption in the air purifier market, marqué of course, ce is the performance that matters auto most as soon as making a purchase decision. Unlike the competition, Dyson doesn"t provide much dimportance to specifically, such as CADR (Clean aéronautiques Delivery Rate) when commercialisation its aéronautique purifiers. The company instead disclosure its POLAR test, under which ce examines aviation projection et purification in a pièce measuring 81m cubed using nine different sensors.

You need venir push the two buttons on either side du the cylindrical aménagements of auto Dyson purifier simultaneously venir access the filters

Details of comment Dyson conducts its test are accessible online et we ont examined castle in our previous stories, which you can review here. In our testing, we observed that the pure Hot+Cool was able à reduce thé pollutants in année air-conditioned room (with a la poêle running), measure 14 feet voir 8.5 feet, from 83 micrograms effronté cubic metre venir 46 micrograms effronté cubic metre in four minutes, passant par its very own readings. To comprendre from the level to 33 micrograms revenir cubic metre, thé machine took 16 minutes. We also un lit incense coller in the same room, et the pur Hot+Cool was able à remove auto concentrated exhilaration in a few minutes, cible it took approximately 30 to 45 minutes for the smell à disappear.

The “Hot” part of the pure Hot+Cool will certainly appeal to buyers, particularly those life in areas with harsh winters, when aviation pollution tends venir be particularly acute in bien sur parts de the country. Nous measured our pièce at 25 degrees Celsius before starting, et were able to reach ours target temperature ns 37 levels Celsius in half année hour. Nous didn"t ont to address any uncomfortable habitent heat gift blown out of the machine. The experience to be significantly meilleur than v traditional room heaters.

The room was heated same at our wanted temperature level, also when nous checked the opposite corners. The pure Hot+Cool seems à be a safe loption to warmth a room with since the device itself doesn"t get very hot. Auto machine likewise stops oscillating si you try venir grab it. This is precious considering si you have young kids in your loger who can try to touch the aéronautique purifier when it"s moving.

Of course, just like vault Dyson aéronautique purifiers, thePure Hot+Cool is also qui peut être of turn around "cool" aviation through a room. This significantly doesn"t median that the machine has actually anytechnology à replace your aéronautique conditioner, or even a désert cooler — think of it ont agianttable fan, other than it"s the one that circulates purified air.

All in all, auto USP ns the pure Hot+Cool, which its ability venir project not seul pure aéronautique but additionally heat your room, makes it a good option, though it isn"t thé fastest or the many effective aviation purifier we"ve tested.

VerdictThe Dyson pur Hot+Cool is a premium family appliance that performsmultiple functions and is also an extremely good-looking, unlike most traditional aéronautique purifiers. The bladeless design et unique combination of features et usability make cette convenient à use.

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The ability à raise the temperature of your room specifically makes the pur Hot+Cool a distinct product an ideal for all seasons. However, this new model isn"t really affordable. Si your henchmen priority is venir improve aéronautiques quality, the Xiaomi Mi air Purifier 2S and Philips 3000 séries AC3256/20 faire a decent job et cost much less.

Price: Rs. 54,900, replacement activated Carbon filter et Glass HEPA filter priced at Rs. 2,490 each


Premium design Warm aéronautique functionality is a practically addition compact yet solidly built reasonably quiet


ne sont pas onboard controls venir access built-in features Not the fastest jaune most effective at purifying aéronautique Expensive

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