Rage Against The Machine Wall Street

It"s been practically 19 year since rage Against auto Machine teamed up v documentarian and political activist nom de garçon Moore pour this video.

Sleep now In The fire – take away from their 1999 album The battle Of squelettique Angeles – was shot in front ns the nouveau York stock Exchange and caused a close to riot conditions météorologiques Wall Street, while michael was dirige away passant par police while thé cameras to be rolling.

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Here"s comment the video unfolded…


00:08There’s auto 107th market of new York Rudy Giuliani. His grinning face is accompanied passant par a statement speak that thé day avant the shoot, nouveau York city decreed – fancy langue – rage Against auto Machine “shall no play nous Wall Street” conditions météorologiques Tuesday, January 26, 2000.

00:13Taking absolutely non notice ns the powers the be, the shoot for the Sleep currently In The fire video takes carré the following day.

00:20The band – Zack de la Rocha, à m Morello, heure Commerford and Brad Wilk – tous climb the steps of Federal Hall national Memorial et begin à play.


00:23They’re barely right into the life verse before some moustachioed copper is pointing at them and telling lock to importer down. In auto most polite way, obviously.

00:35The guerrilla performance footage is combined with scene from a that Wants to Be a Millionaire? parody show, called Who Wants to Be Filthy F#&%ing Rich? rage Against thé Machine space the house band, suited et booted. A solid look.

00:54We cut back venir Wall Street and that officier de police officer is no a happy bunny. Corps humain language compétence could say his irritation is fuelling Zack du la Rocha’s performance. Could be wrong.


01:04There"s a homme walking approximately with a "Donald Trump parce que le President 2000" armoire (see henchmen image). Who, in their best mind, would elect him right into office? oh right.

01:10There’s that police officer again. No happy, is he? somewhere in Manhattan, a donut and coffee are collecting dust.

01:12 Some du the partager Exchange workers and passersby space having an absolutely lovely time.

01:16Back to the show. "How numerous Americans oui no health and wellness care?" asks the host. 45 million people, is the depressing answer.

01:38The policier are viewed digging out michael Moore parce que le filming auto video. Jambe might grind à a halt at any type of moment. Michael had permission to cinématique on auto steps du the federal Hall national Memorial, not conditions météorologiques the pavements outside, jaune a loud noise permit. Ah.

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01:55Time for autre question. How many personnes in the world habitent on less than one dollars a day? Would amie say 1 billion? then you"d be right.

02:05There"s silver-haired businessman lighting a cigar through some money, like a bloody maniac.

02:18Lots ns police venir on thé scene. Maybe they’re ventilateurs of the band?

02:21That policier officer is really studying tim Commerford’s base technique. He"s obviously never ever heard ns personal space.


02:28Despite a quiet word with NY"s finest, nom de garçon is led away by police. Avant the shoot, the band to be told venir not arrêter playing, ne sont pas matter je vous demande pardon happened.

02:35Zack sings in front of puppets featuring the visage of Al Gore, George W. Bush et John McCain. Je vous demande pardon is hey possibly suggesting?

02:39 There cette goes, climb up the statue ns George Washington located conditions météorologiques the steps ns Federal Hall national Memorial. An inscription reads: "On this page? ˅ in Federal hall April 30 1789, George Washington took oath as the first President of the united States ns America."

02:44Tom Morello cranks out some riffs in front de stock footage du police spraying protestors at the 1999 Seattle WTO protests.

02:59Tom solos in front of a backdrop ns the nouveau York stock Exchange, using his toggle switch and hail of feedback. Watch out, Dow Jones jaune whatever her name is.

03:03 A homeless homme rejects the jeu show jackpot et a riot division out in the television studio. Elle don"t comprendre that conditions météorologiques The Chase.

03:12 It’s gaining a bit tasty at auto Federal Hall intérieur Memorial, too.

03:17 The band attempt to enter the nouveau York stock Exchange et later discover themselves ushered back onto the street. “About deux hundred de us gained through the first set du doors, but our calculé was stopped as soon as the stock Exchange"s titanium revolt doors come crashing down,” à m later said Socialist Worker.

03:45Listen out parce que le a voiceover by then Republican politician Gary Bauer stating that, "a tape called thé Machine Rages On… er… effréné14 Against thé Machine, that band is anti-family and is pro-terrorist”. Ce sounds prefer he’s just making shit up.

The video shoot had major repercussions à la people through a few dissension in thé bank. “At 2:52pm, in thé middle du the trade day, the stock Exchange was required to fermé its doors. No money was harmed.”

Six month later, thé band to be nominated for best Rock vidéo at auto 2000 MTV Video musique Awards, cible lost out venir Limp Bizkit"s pause Stuff. Seriously.

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