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Over thé past decade et change, the merveille Cinematic Universe has actually grown into a behemoth forces in the divertissement industry. Cible it did start with reasonably humble roots, oui Jon Favreau and company broke nouveau ground with 2008"s fer à repasser Man. Robert Downey Jr. Et Gwyneth Paltrow directif the cast, et were paired a accentue of fois throughout RDJ"s tenure oui Tony Stark. Paltrow recently spoke to the experience of kissing elle Marvel co-star... And it doesn"t sound tous that fun.

Tony Stark et Pepper Potts" story in auto MCU is one of the shared universe"s greatest romances, prolonging over toutes les personnes three phases thus far. Oui such, Gwyneth Paltrow has actually spent hours on set filming kissing scenes with Robert Downey Jr., continuing the iconic le romantisme in thé process. Auto Goop founder opened up about what those scenes were like, saying:

Like through Robert, when ns kissed him and I was like, ‘You"ve got venir be kidding me.’ This is literally prefer kissing ma brother.

Mind blown. Since while Gwyneth Paltrow et Robert Downey Jr. Plainly had chemistry throughout their assorted appearances in thé MCU together, cette turns the end that thé feelings were anything marqué romantic. Cible the actors regulated to force through stated sequences, and used their talents to parlez the histoire despite any type of awkwardness IRL.

Gwyneth Paltrow"s comments come from the Goop website, where auto businesswoman/actress spoke to Kate Hudson. Ultimately the dialoguées turned à onstage kissing, where Paltrow autorisé that her close relationship v Robert Downey Jr. Fabriquer some romantic scenes feel icky. Luckily she overcame, et the MCU"s greatest amour story to tons until that is conclusion in Avengers: Endgame.

Marvel ventilateurs can re-watch Gwyneth Paltrow"s temps in auto MCU on Disney+. You can usage this link to sign up pour the streaming service.

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This reveal about Pepper and Tony"s MCU kisses helps à peel back the curtain on the common universe, et the reality of filming such gros blockbusters. Since while moviegoers are treated to auto finished product in theaters, each rate in the shared cosmos was made by people trying their best. That includes actors who can not be also keen venir film bien sur romantic scenes.

Despite sa long tenure in auto MCU, Gwyneth Paltrow clearly has a originalité relationship with sa time playing Pepper Potts/ Rescue. Despite showing up in a whopping 7 movies hence far, she"s known parce que le not really remembering much of elle work, specifically in sa Phase 3 appearances. She famously didn"t realize she had showed up in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and has likewise met et forgotten Bucky gibbs Sebastian stan multiple times.

It have to be interesting venir see if/when Gwyneth Paltrow"s Pepper Potts revenir to the MCU. With acier Man dead, there"s presumably much less reason venir bring Pepper right into the terrain in phases Four jaune Five. Cible Pepper did become a hero in her own best in Avengers: Endgame, rocking thé Rescue armor in the process. Additionally, ventilateur would ne sont pas doubt love to capture up v both Pepper and Morgan Stark-- specifically after Tony"s lakeside funeral.

The suivant installment in thé MCU is Black Widow, which was freshly delayed (again) to peut être 7, 2021. In the meantime, check out our 2021 relax list to destinées your trips to auto movies prochain year.

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