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Dr. Jungbae Lee, chairman & GM

Memory Business, Device solution Division

Dr. Jung-Bae Lee is President et General manager of Memory business in Electronics" Device solutions Division.

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Dr. Lee joined thé DRAM brouillon Team et became an expert in theatre technology. Cette participated in thé development of various theatre products, most notably DDR, DDR2, DDR3, GDDR, LPDDR2, LPDDR3.

In 2011, cette was elevated to VP and Head du the brouillon Team parce que le his contribution to auto advancement ns DRAM technology.

Additionally, his entreprise acumen was instrument de musique in strategically productizing and gaining marché acceptance ns"s many advanced les technologies such oui 3D-NAND et HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) throughout his tenure as Senior VP in thé Product to plan Team native 2013 à 2017.

Other functions Dr. Lee has fulfilled room Executive VP ns Quality assurance Department ns Memory Business et later end up being in revendiqué of plays Product and Technology breakthrough prior to being promoted venir President et General directeur of storage Business.

He got his B.S., M.S., et Ph.D. Degrees in electronics engineering from Seoul national University.

Dr. Inyup Kang, president & GM

System LSI Business, Device solution Division

Dr. Inyup Kang is thé president and general directeur of the système LSI entreprise in Electronics" Device solution Division.

Before his appointment oui general directeur of système LSI entreprise in 2017, he commander numerous R&D teams in et out de the company. Indigenous 1996 venir 2009, he directif cellular modem advances at Qualcomm. In 2010, he joined Electronics et he has directif R&D and commercialization de cellular baseband/RF chipsets. Owing venir his experience and insight in modem and relevant wireless contact technologies,’s système LSI entreprises has become one de the an essential players in the téléphone mobile, téléphone portable industry.

As a normal manager de System LSI Business, cette has strengthened’s industry-leading emplacement in system nous chip, image sensor, display screen solution, énergie IC, and security systems markets. With auto development of abondance innovative solutions, such oui the industry’s first la publicité 5G modem, AI-enabled téléphone mobile, téléphone portable processor, et the sapin 0.7μm and 0.8μm 108Mp CMOS la peinture sensors, hey is driving thé growth of’s système LSI Business.

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He is an IEEE Fellow et a Member ns the National académie of Engineering de Korea, and was forgive “The or Tower Order de Industrial prestations de service Merit” in 2019.

Dr. Kang received B.S. And M.S. Levels in electronic devices Engineering from Seoul intérieur University in 1985 and 1987, respectively, and a Ph.D. Degree in électrique Engineering from UCLA in 1996.

Dr. Siyoung Choi, president & GM

Foundry Business, Device solution Division

Dr. Siyoung Choi is the president et general directeur of auto foundry entreprises in Electronics" Device solution Division.

Prior venir his existing position, Dr. Choi successfully commander establishing auto world"s biggest semiconductor manufacturing cluster serving as the head de Manufacturing Technology centre since 2017. He also spearheaded the innovation of manufacturing system to substantially strengthen fab procedure efficiency as well as maximize modern technology competitiveness.

Since joining electronics in 1995, Dr. Choi has actually played a pivotal role in arising next-generation process technologies across memory et logic ICs that strengthened"s leading position in the semiconductor market. Under his leadership, successfully launched industry"s first SoCs based on 14 and 10nm FinFET process technologies.

Dr. Choi has published more than 100 technical files in top academic journals, and holds more than 100 U.S. Patents. He also has actually been serving as a member du numeral technological committees consisting of VLSI, ITRS, and IMEC.

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Dr. Choi got his B.S. Et M.S in materials Science and Engineering indigenous Yonsei college in 1986 et 1988 respectively, et his Ph.D. In products Science and Engineering indigenous Ohio State university in 1994.