He’s thé Frenchest homme since Gainsbourg, she’s thé world’s premièrement burlesque star. Together, Sebastian Tellier et Dita téléphone Teese ont made année unlikely digital pop collaboration worthy ns Serge himself


Seated together in an upscale londres bar, Dita de Teese and Sébastien Tellier are a study in contrasts. She is immaculately rotate out et looks, well, precisely like Dita téléphone Teese, from elle perfectly coiffed jet-black hair to her seamed stockings and high heels. He is the picture de bohemian dishevelment: wild beard, straggly hair, a super glass of wine in une hand et packet of fags and a lighter in auto other.

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She exudes a very nous kind du retro glamour, and talks about her transformation native Heather Sweet, a blond, machinist’s daughter indigenous Michigan, into auto world’s best-known burlesque star in terms de the American dream: “Like the gros Hollywood makeover, a girl would certainly come indigenous a Midwestern town et she’d look at like an ordinary girl, et then unexpectedly she’d it is in otherworldly – je wanted to à faire that in genuine life.”

Tellier, nous the other hand, is sauce soja extraordinarily Gallic ns wonder if hey isn’t putting it on a bit, in auto same means that the late serge Gainsbourg was angot of cranking up auto hon-he-hon parce que le his own amusement si a anglais journalist remained in earshot. I don’t think hey is, but, nevertheless, were hey any more french he would probably nip the end in thé middle du the interview to have année affair with my wife: hey makes the philosophising gourou d’ conditions météorologiques First événements look prefer Eric Bristow. “Ah, Diteuuuuur! Beautiful! soja beautiful!” cette cries on arrival, in endroit of auto more classic “hello”.

His voluble answer to interroger tend towards thé metaphysical. When i ask about auto songs nous Dita téléphone Teese, the albums the pair have made together – Tellier and his wife, Amandine aux la Richardière, room responsible pour the music and lyrics – cette tells je they are about “attraction and desire”, and then starts talk about the cosmos.

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“It’s choose in thé universe, in space, you have the planet, et it move around thé star, no? it creates a kind ns ballet. And I try to aller the musique of this ballet v Dita. Composing the music, je was dreaming of Dita, a Dita of the stars. Dita is no a woman cible a planet. The true, no? Also, je like paradoxes, so when the lyrics space happy, thé notes space sad, and when thé lyrics space sad, auto notes space happy. Haricot de soja it’s never completely sad, it’s never completely happy. It’s like thé life, yes? miscellaneous complicated.”

This, she says, served her in good stead in the early year of elle career, when elle operated conditions météorologiques the fringes of the erotic industry, modelling à la men’s magazines and starring in bondage films. “I’ve always set really solid boundaries à la things. I’ve constantly been regimented et disciplined. People have asked me about the with fixer to thé #MeToo thing, cible I always showed up with mien boyfriend, or two girlfriends et was always very strict: ‘I’ll be right here from this hour to that hour and I don’t aller this and I don’t à faire that.’ So je guess that, combination with how I looked, i came out unscathed. Et burlesque is really different from what cette was in thé 30s et 40s. It’s not ruled par men any more. Je was ruled passant par myself when ce came venir that.”

She mettre Tellier backstage at auto Crazy steed cabaret in Paris, where she was performing. Elle invited him to see sa show after a français boyfriend introduced sa to Tellier’s work, a series de concept album released nous Air’s label Record Makers, which hey claims are made according à a plan he created down in a “book ns destiny” when he was 20. They had a curious bit of shared musique history including Eurovision: Tellier represented la france in 2008, through a bizarre, knowing performance that involved him steering a le golf cart around thé stage while singing a song called Divine; de Teese appeared auto following year ont part de a burlesque-themed German entry, despite auto fact that she “had no idea je vous demande pardon Eurovision was and was kind du shocked ce existed”. Yet she had no intention of working v Tellier.

She had sung nous a coupler of tracks avant – with south African provocateurs mourir Antwoord and underground britanique electronic duo Monarchy – and acted oui a kind ns muse for Marilyn Manson nous his 2003 album The Golden lâge of Grotesque, marqué says elle felt terrified as soon as Tellier stated a potential collaboration: she thought hey had mistaken sa lip-syncing during elle show pour live vocals. Tellier, however, had différent ideas: “I had actually a few signification littérale pieces du songs, et was trying to créé who might sing them. So, not Britney Spears, no Shakira, no a french singer because nous are haricot de soja bad. So ns say à myself, who is auto most beautiful girl nous the planet? Dita! she is haricot de soja beautiful, she is unlimited beauty, she is mysterious et also unreal. Cette was perfect because elle is not choose a singer through a career, trying to be the greatest singer in the world. The something else, it’s seulement artistic; it’s not a job, the a pleasure.”

No, cette says, cette wasn’t came to that auto end result would it is in seen oui gimmicky.

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(Actually, what hey says is: “Dita is a stair venir heaven, working with sa is heaven, because nous work, we aller to a really beautiful hotel and drink a lot, super-party, so à la me it’s not risky, the glamour et glamour is not risky because we love glamour, every little thing we à faire is glamour, glamour is nearly the point of life.” You importer the gist.) et in fact, the album is fairly good: pillowy, atmospheric electronic musique pop not a million miles removed indigenous Air, with téléphone Teese’s vocals adding a charming vulnerability. Cette feels fairly Gainsbourg-esque – français pop’s boozy virtuose being famously fond of working through untrained female vocalists and creating extravagant imaginary worlds pour them in souper – but Tellier look at a peu put out by the comparison: “I tried à be an extremely different from serge Gainsbourg since when hey sings it’s practically talking et this is a high voice, really melodic. Maybe auto common point we have with bibliographie Gainsbourg is nous smoke and” – cette lifts his wine glass increase – “we destroy thé brain through this.”

For her part, von Teese raffinement she wasn’t uncomfortable singing songs ostensibly about her tons written de someone else. “It’s like his perception de what i might be prefer in private, which ns think is much more mysterious et fun to play with. It’s like having actually your Tarot cards read: some of ce is right on and some of it is more … ‘maybe’, elle know?” Besides, elle says, preserving a certain mystery is part du what elle does. “Well, je try à maintain a bien sur dignity et sometimes i think if je let aller of the dignity a au sens propre then I’d probably ont a parcelle more followers nous Instagram and Twitter. Those toutes les personnes that have got 12 jaune 15 million followers, it’s since they have a feud and they love to stir thé pot and get shitty and everyone reports it. That a an excellent way to make money, je guess. Marqué I’d just be mortified: I’d rather seul keep mien niche et my privacy et try and set a great example et show what cette is to be gracious.”

She raffinement she feel a little out de place as an artist in the musique world. “I don’t oui any plan to pursue music further, ns just did cette because ns a la poêle of Sébastien’s music. Je really can’t conçu myself doing ce again. But then, elle says, she is used to feeling out du place. When elle started working ont a stripper, she would be the seulement un girl in the club turning up v feathers et old-fashioned outfits. “And i can mental performing in london at a Torture garden event and people being really mad: why is she at a fetish club? i was … insufficiently fetishistic.” elle laughs. “And now tu can’t swing a cat without hitting a burlesque star.”

Still, the pair ont plans venir work ensemble again, albeit in a different capacity. Tellier wants to make a stage musical about her life: jean Paul Goude, the french designer et photographer meilleur known pour his work with elegant Jones in the 70s and 80s, is supposedly involved. “For me, it’s an extremely original, the life of Dita, really interesting, it’s beautiful, like an old movie, that’s why the great. Dita, she in the tabloids et magazines, but she’s calmer really mysterious. I know her à la a few years now, et she is still, even pour me, a mystery.” et off cette goes again. “The force, thé power de Dita, sometimes people ont a depth soul, a depth personality. It’s impossible to explain,” hey shrugs, climate drains his alcohol glass and heads outside pour a cigarette.