The Weeknd just dropped a new music video for his lathử nghiệm single, “Save sầu Your Tears,” và fans can’t help but notice that a certain actor in one scene bears a striking resemblance lớn his equally famous ex-girlfriover, Selemãng cầu Gomez.

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The faux Selemãng cầu appears at one point in the video clip, sitting in a director’s chair as though she’s on mix waiting for her cue. Her hair is styled in short, voluminous curls with bangs, & fans thought this could be a nod lớn her look in the Clip for her tuy vậy “Dance Again.” The two interact a bit in the video, & we have lớn agree that the Selena vibes are strong.

Fans took lớn Twitter và YouTube to chia sẻ their thoughts on the đoạn Clip & the former relationship between the stars. “The Weeknd put a Selena look lượt thích in his music video??? This man is not over Selemãng cầu Gomez???” wrote one. Others thought the inclusion could be a concrete clue lớn who the song is actually about. “Now we know that this tuy vậy is about Selemãng cầu not Bella ... loved how he incorporated Selena's lookalike,” wrote a YouTube commenter. Others are convinced he whispers Selena’s name in the scene where he asks the actor to lớn dance. Another eagle-eyed bạn noticed similarities khổng lồ a masked woman, và a gown và hairstyle previously worn by Selemãng cầu. Could there be more than one Sel reference in “Save Your Tears?”

Despite its somewhat sinister undertones, the đoạn phim gave sầu some fans flashbacks to happier times. “Not me missing The Weeknd Abel và Selemãng cầu together,” tweeted one. The two dated for nearly a year before splitting in October 2017.

The possible Selemãng cầu reference is just as striking as the nhái plastic surgery the singer sports in the video, giving hlặng extremely exaggerated cheekbones and full lips. This seems khổng lồ be a reference khổng lồ the bandages The Weeknd often wore at appearances over the last year. He also makes a dig at the Grammys for his recent snub.

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Whether or not the video is actually a reference to lớn Sel và their former love sầu story remains to be seen, but “Save Your Tears” is totally worth watching for all the Easter eggs ... even the ones with nothing khổng lồ do with his past relationships!

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