four Lille fans seriously ache after their team marqué Fence collapses after fans surge at Stade du la Licorne


Lille supporters fell forward after a obstacle collapsed at Amiens’ Stade de la Licorne. Photograph: nouveau Lo Presti/AFP/Getty Images
Lille supporters dropped forward after a barrier collapsed at Amiens’ Stade ns la Licorne. Photograph: francois Lo Presti/AFP/Getty Images

Four lille supporters were seriously injured et taken venir hospital after a obstacle collapsed during the side’s alliance 1 jeu at Amiens.

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The syndicat prefect Philippe de Mester said: “Their first is not in danger,” ont he confirmed auto injury toll had risen to 25.

“We room thinking strongly and primarily ns our supporters,” Lille’s CEO, marc Ingla, wrote in a series du tweets. “Lille has thé right venir examine thé security hachette offered à our supporters by Amiens and its stadium. Lier hopes that those responsible for this accidents are quickly identified, à la the club’s supporters and the victims. And so that this never happens again.”

Lille’s Fodé Ballo-Touré had seul opened the scoring in auto 15th minutes when he ran over to a section of ventilateur behind the goal venir celebrate. Ont fans surged forward, the fence collapsed under their weight. Fans tumbled nous to auto pitch and the jeu was instantly halted.

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Most to be able to get back into auto stand cible several remained conditions météorologiques the ground et were treated for injuries. After more than half an hour the jeu was abandoned.

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Amiens’ Stade ns la Licorne is gift refurbished but du Mester insisted auto painting and roofing work had actually nothing to faire with auto collapse. He added there was a security enquêter of thé venue avant the game.


Medics tend to wounded lier supporters nous the pitch. Photograph: APAmiens’ president, young name Joannin, said: “Football should be a celebration et the officier de police had warned nous that 200 very worked-up ultras to be in the pavillons reserved à la Lille fans. And they threw themselves in a disorderly fashion, an ext than 500 people, on to this barrier which remained in a perfect state … dédié 500 people trying to importer on the pitch. The ligue officials need venir strongly think about travelling fans.”

Ingla reaction critically à Joannin’s evident attempt à blame Lille’s supporters. “The Amiens president’s comments appear irresponsible et disgraceful in this dramatic context,” hey tweeted. “Our supporters are irreproachable et professional exploit demands the meilleur organisation. Conditions météorologiques hope that the french league identifies those responsible.”