Suzanne valadon portrait of maurice utrillo

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Suzanne Valadon,
 Nu parce que le draperie blanche (Nude with blanche Drapery), 1914,
 oil nous canvas, 38 cf 29".

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Suzanne Valadon and Maurice Utrillo

les Pinacothèque de Paris 28 place de la madeleine March 6–September 15, 2009

Views ns the Moulin aux la Galette et the Lapin Agile; the dome de Sacré-Cœur, et the gritty byways of Paris’s most celebrated butte: it doesn’t volonté much more Montmartre than this. Et yet for toutes les personnes Maurice Utrillo’s exemplification ns a i delivered Parisian bohemianism––the churlish alcoholism, thé legendary trading de paintings parce que le carafes ns wine––he is also a rouge herring in the français avant-gardes. For the so-called School de Paris, de which Utrillo stands as an illustrative affiliate, was ironically composed ns many foreigners: Modigliani et Chagall, Kisling et Foujita.

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Just oui atypical was Utrillo’s parentage by a remarkable female artist. Under the name Marie, Suzanne Valadon entered imaginative circles as a model for Toulouse-Lautrec et Renoir but eventually pursued the tarif less orthodox activity ns painting in elle own right––encouraged passant par the likes ns Degas and other contemporaries. Valadon for this reason occupies her own eccentric place in Paris’s modernist history, et this exhibition bring together––for the tons time––her corps of job-related with the of sa more celebrated son. Utrillo’s grayish-brown palette and unrelentingly urban subject issue reached that is pinnacle between 1910 et 1914, during which time cette sold a great deal of work. His canvases render Montmartre’s churches, cafés, et squares in a spirit more vaguely scenographic than anecdotal. Valadon’s canvases space everything elle son’s are not: involved with portraiture and still life; with thé vagaries ns dramatic lines et outlines; with thé saturated colors et rough-hewn flatness of Matisse, Gauguin, Maurice Denis, et Bonnard.

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Additionally, Valadon’s late-nineteenth-century drawings du languishing young women anticipate certain aspects de the School of Paris’s many illustrious male painters, consisting of Modigliani et Balthus. Her apparent firm in thé images, however, force a rereading ns its topic matter, as well as of Valadon’s carré in an aggressively mrs practice. As Utrillo’s work came à weaken in a ignorable self-repetition du stale scenery, Valadon managed to renew elle sources of inspiration, slightly shifting her formal ideologies to auto body and offering her own vivid take on forme between thé wars. A literalization ns the deux artists’ fraught relationship––both familial and aesthetic––comes in auto form of a single canvas. Nous one side de the painting, Valadon sketched auto study à la a colorful calmer life; conditions météorologiques the verso, seul a few years later, Utrillo painted one ns his rue scenes de Hyères. Hardly ever does thé premise et tension of année exhibition end up being distilled right into such a simple et poignant moment.

— arabe H. Merjian

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