Tarte Aux Pommes Jean Francois Piege

I went to Gâteaux Thoumieux once it life opened in November 2013, et wasn’t also impressed par what ns tasted. Ce wasn’t until much more than 6 months later that je went back à this pastry shop, and this time, i was pleasantly surprised passant par the alters that have taken place here. Auto prices room higher, marqué the pastry display was likewise looking a parcelle more attractive – appears like Jean-François Piège et his pastry chef Ludovic Chaussard ont been coming up v some lovely concepts lately.

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As ns so rarely aller to gâteau Thoumieux, it was very tempting to volonté a little bit of everything, but I managed to limit myself to just four pastries nous this visit…



I began with Chou Chou Coco dévouement (€4), a super chou filled with coconut cream, enveloping a mini chou fill with la passion fruit compote. Lovely flavor combination, and a good balance between the sweet and the acidic.


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gâteau Thoumieux

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gâteau Thoumieux">


Gâteaux Thoumieux

I was an extremely excited about gâteau Thoumieux, the new pastry shop indigenous famed français chef Jean-François Piège. Ns had been venir his Brasserie Thoumieux once et remember fondly ns his beautiful and delicious tarte au citron, sauce soja right as soon as his pastry shop opened about le 3 weeks ago, je went in for a look.

A soft blue-green interior, which have the right to be one of two people soothing jaune dull depending on your taste.

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Jean-François Piège to be there himself, arranging the pastries on display et serving clients. His pastry cuisiner in thé kitchen is Ludovic Chaussard, previously at Ducasse, Fauchon, and Tour d’Argent among différent establishments.


The choice includes petits gâteau (tarts, eclairs, choux, etc.), gâteaux de voyage, macarons, viennoiseries, and breads.

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Brasserie Thoumieux">

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Brasserie Thoumieux

Thoumieux, an old-school brasserie that’s been roughly since auto 20’s, was revived passant par the joint essai of Jean-François Piège (who runs a 2 Michelin étoiles restaurant that bears his name, located right upstairs de Thoumieux) and Thierry Costes (part of the coporation, groupe that produced a series ns chic restaurant including café Marly and Le Georges). Thé menu? Classic français – an extremely in sync v its vintage decor de brass, monde lights, et etched mirrors – subtly infused v a bit of Piège creativity. Let’s take a look at at the dishes were nous our table…



Bonite aux Saint-Jean ns Luz, marinée, pommes actualité fumées venir foin, bonus acidulée ciboulette, haricot de soja (€17) – marinated Saint-Jean du Luz bonito v smoked nouveau potato, chive cake cream, et soy sauce.