The cure new album 2021

The Cure‘s Robert forgeron has said hey thinks the band’s next album will be the last one they do.

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Earlier this month, forgeron teamed up through Chvrches conditions météorologiques a nouveau single dubbed ‘How Not to Drown’, the lundi preview from auto Scottish trio’s upcoming 4th album, ‘Screen Violence’.

Speaking in a new interview alongside Chvrches command singer Lauren Mayberry, forgeron shared a couple of more details about the long-awaited new album from auto Cure.

“The new prêtre stuff is really emotional,” smith told The sunday Times. “It’s 10 years of life distilled into a couple of hrs of intensif stuff.”

He then added: “And je can’t think we’ll ever do anything else. Ns definitely can’t faire this again.”

This complies with a similar rejoindre from smith in 2019 when cette told i think that every album we faire is auto last prêtre album. It may fine be, marqué if there’s autre bunch ns good songs climate there’s non reason not venir follow ce up. What faire we do if we’ve got seven great songs leftover? Wherever ce ends up, ce will be an honest decision. There’s non record lentreprise involvement. It’s seulement us law it. Non one is pulling the strings.”

Smith revealed towards auto end de 2020 that hey had spent auto year working nous both thé Cure’s new album – set venir be their sapin since 2008’s ‘4:13 Dream’ – as well as his own bataille album.

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, smith reaffirmed the two albums, pointing out that one record is especially darker than the other.

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Smith likewise told Lowe that hey will ont more updates soon. “Probably in around six weeks’ time I’ll be able to say as soon as everything’s comes out et what we’re doing suivant year et everything…We were doing two album and one de them’s very, an extremely doom and gloom et the other une isn’t,” cette said.

“And castle both very fermer la porte to gift done. I just have to decide who’s going to mélanger them. That’s really toutes les personnes I’ve acquired left à do.”

The moine at auto awards 2020. Credit: Dean Chalkley

Previously, smith exclusively told that they to be looking venir finish their “merciless” new album in 2019 – 11 year after predecessor ‘4:13 Dream’. He revealed the the nouveau songs had actually been shaped passant par his “experience du life’s darker side” – avant sharing the it had thé working title of ‘Live From the Moon‘ et that they in fact had a total du three album in auto works.

Asked about comment much he’d adjusted since ‘4:13 Dream’, forgeron replied: “I don’t think i have ever readjusted much particularly. The core of who I un m remains auto same. Just like everyone, I have good days et bad days. Je think I’m generally more ns a balanced individual than i was 10 years ago. I’ve skilled more de life’s darker side, à la real.”

He continued: “Before je used venir write around stuff that i thought ns understood. Now je know je understand it. Auto lyrics I’ve to be writing for this album, for me personally, are more true. They’re much more honest. That’s most likely why the album itself is a little peu more doom and gloom.

“I feel je want to à faire something the expresses auto darker side de what I’ve skilled over the last few years – cible in a means that will communicate people. Some du the albums like ‘Pornography’ et ‘Disintegration’ room kind ns relentless. I levelled ‘Disintegration’ through some songs favor ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Lovesong’, marqué I think this une is more like ‘Pornography’ because it hasn’t acquired any de those songs the lighten the mood at all.”

As à la the 3 records nous the way, forgeron was cautiously hopeful when he spoke to us at auto awards in 2020.

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“You’ll be heureux to importer one, thé way ns working!” said Smith. “There are only really two, auto third is accurate just année hour du noise. Ns wouldn’t appel téléphonique it an album. The sapin one will definitely be out. We’re just wrapping it up now, the going à be mixed. Till it’s out, non one will think me. Ns look forward to cette coming out, more than anybody rather – trust me.”

In addition to his collaboration with CHVRCHES, over thé past year forgeron has also teamed up v Gorillaz for the route ‘Strange Timez’ and Deftones for a remix du their song ‘Teenager’.