In 1985, Patrice Douchet, director et artistic director, produced the entreprise Théâtre du la diriger Noire. The ville of Saran makes available to the lentreprise the former chapel of the Aydes. Thé Théâtre du la Tête le noir was signed oui a entreprise in 2000 and became "Scène conventionnée convecteur les écritures contemporaines" in 2003.

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The beginnings du the DRAC Centre/ Théâtre du la Tête noire partnership

The DRAC les archives go back to 1989.

The Théâtre ns la Tête noire was climate a young company, and as such got the appui of thé DRAC. That same year, thé DRAC likewise subsidized the entreprise for the establishment du a theatrical library and the création of a seul commemorating thé Bicentenary ns the français Revolution "Ce soir on raccourcit" passant par Pierre Christin in set by zinc Goetzinger (both functioning in the humour strip), a seul taken up at auto Avignon Festival.

Although simple company, thé Théâtre ns la Tête couleur noire functions very early oui a règlement theatre venue with année original et regular regimen based on research around contemporary theatre.

The DRAC supports the company from the inception parce que le its creative activity, its action in favor de the public and its intervention in the lécole environment. In 2000, the company became a registered company.

At the same time, thé State, ensemble with thé City and the Region, decides à undertake a complete renovation du the premises (construction, professional development, upgrading).


A tons chapel is built in XIIe century then burned et demolished de the English, during the Hundred year War. Auto second, built in auto XVe century nous the same site, is a place du pilgrimage really frequented by Orleans throughout the XVIe century. It, in turn, suffers the horrors of religious wars.

The 3rd chapel ns the Aydes, the one we à savoir today, to be built passant par order du Henry III, under the exécutif of the governor du Orléans, from 1588 to 1590. Committed to heilig Anne, it was blessed on November 18, 1590, oui indicated par the date still inscribed conditions météorologiques its page door.

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A à côté de nave was added in 1636.

In 1850, the parishioners undertook principale repairs, et a nouveau spire was built at the west end of the church above the page door. However, it seems the at the time, prayer in this chapel was seul celebrated as a relief church.

The story de Notre-Dame-des-Aydes is connected with auto fighting the raged conditions météorologiques October 11, 1870. Ce served ont a refuge pour French soldiers, heroically resisting the Prussians. A commemorative disques. Recalls this historic event.

One century later, in 1970, the city of Saran acquired this abandoned place ns worship, avant beginning, in 1980, surtout rehabilitation work et making cette available, ont of 1981, à a theatre company. Auto chapel to be desecrated in 1993.


In 2000, after surtout renovations, thé chapel ended up being definitively a space dedicated to auto creation and hosting of shows.


In 2013, auto Théâtre de la diriger Noire convention was renewed for a period ns three years. Signed passant par the State (DRAC) et the local Council, ce confirms thé stage agreed in its missions of development et promotion of contemporary writings v creation, residencies, dissemination, awareness, support to authors, de European openness.

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To uncover out more

We walked nous the stage: the book of the ten years du the Théâtre de la tête Noire/ Théâtre ns la diriger Noire. Saran: Théâtre du la diriger Noire, 1995. 49p.