Tiểu chủng viện làng sông

Lang Song minor seminary is located in Sanh Phuong village, Phuoc Son Commune, Tuy Phuoc district, about 20km northeast of Quy Nhon. It is told that church was formerly known as Long Song, because it was surrounded by paddle fields and rivers. Over time, as the name sign at the entrance of the church has been faded, the sign has been repainted và corrected khổng lồ “làng” instead of “lòng” in accordance to lớn local pronunciation. The name is kept until nowadays.

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Lang Song minor seminary was built in Gothic style – the typical architectural style of Europeans in church & palace construction. This can be easily recognized as the main hall of the minor seminary is decorated with symmetrical frames, wind flower decorations, patterns and pointed archway typically of minor seminary architecture. At first glance, the facade of Lang Song minor seminary is very similar to ancient Saint Paul Cathedral built by the Portuguese in Macao. While it is not as epic & massive as Saint Paul Cathedral, Lang Song minor seminary somehow still preserves its ancient architecture.

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In Lang Song, not only the minor seminary but also a population of the Diocese of Dong Dang Trong, especially a printing house established by Father Eugene Charbonnier Tri – This is a great contribution lớn the formation & propagation of the Vietnamese language.


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Lang Song printing house was built around 1872 và was destroyed in 1885. In 1904, Lang Song printing house was rebuilt by Father Damien Grangeon Man, assigned father Paul Maheu to be the director. Father Paul Maheu studied printing in Hong Kong, fluent in printing skill. In 1922, under the direction of Father Maheu, Lang Song printing house printed 18.000 periodical newspaper, 1.000 copies of books, 32000 other publications, & 1.500 Loi Tsay mê newspaper in Indo-China, total publications of Lang Song printing house (Quy Nhon) in the year were up to lớn 63.185 publications with 3.407.000 pages. This is also known as Dong Dang Trong printing house, one of the three largest printing houses at that time (along with Dang Ngoai and Tay Dang Trong printing house). Lang Song printing house was operated until about 1936 and moved to Quy Nhon.