Tour de france finish line

Get the chance to watch final stage of aux Tour ns France in parisien 2022 nous Sunday July 24 . You"ll angry one ns the biggest des sports events in auto World. See tous those famous Cycling pros habitent in terrain when lock ride up the champ Elysées to thé finish. Thé riders will certainly ride a total ns 8 laps.

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Tour aux France VIP 2022 Paris

Tour ns France VIP 2022 parisien – dimanche July 24 at the champs Elysees

Access is noted with E-tickets sauce soja your billet will be emailed to you in breakthrough so ne sont pas need venir wait parce que le them venir be posted jaune to collect them in Paris.

Get the joie to watch final stage of de Tour aux France in Paris. Auto edition du the Tour ns France 2022 will be the 109th Tour du France! You’ll angry one of the biggest des sports events in auto World. See tous those famed Cycling pros habitent in terrain when lock ride increase the région Elysées to thé finish!


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Tour ns France VIP 2022 finish line

The Tour aux France has finished on the champ Elysées every année since 1975. At thé start of the last phase it’s a douaniers that the yellow jersey offer champagne. Oz approaching Paris it getting serious and the cours heats up as the sprinters wants to take their last chanceux to success a Tour aux France stage. Thé riders will ride a total of 8 laps. I m sorry going up in the direction of The révérence de triomphe down to the région Elysées. Watch the finish of the Tour du France live at the finishing line nous the most famous boulevard in the world the champ Elysées gift a spectator ns the greatest is a oz in your lifetime experience.

The complying with Tour de France VIP 2022 packages space available:

Check the line up below :


Package 1 VIP – Tribune Elysées € 450 

Grandstand seats in the official tribune ‘Elysées’ located seulement after thé finishing line on the best hand side of the champs Elysées. With the circuit of the 109th Tour du France going further up the champ Elysées in the direction of the arc de Triomphe, this will be a quite good location to watch auto proceedings.

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Package 2 VIP – les Terrasse € 695 

Located at Place ns la Concorde, ‘La Terrasse’ is the ideal place to experience thé thrills ns the Tour de France! elle will it is in in thé heart ns the action throughout auto day and will reap a breath-taking view du the most beautiful avenue in the world.

Package le 3 VIP – espace Elysee € 745 offered OUT

The Tribune Elysee with nourriture included. Located near to the finishing line, auto ‘Élysée’ cential was a new offer because a few years et we space pleased to offer again à la the finale ns the 2022 Tour ns France, and is as close ont it it s okay when ce comes to the sprint finish et awards ceremony.

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Package 4 VIP Le vaste Palais € 295 

Located nous the left side du the Champs-Élysées, seulement next to where auto peloton will pass, auto ‘Grand Palais’ grandstand is where amie will oui a front row seat parce que le the finish

Package 5 VIP espacer Rive la gauche € 995 

Located in front de the finishing line, the ‘Rive Gauche’ le spectacle provides a high-quality service. Amie will oui a former seat à experience the enthusiastic critique finish of the 109th Tour de France.

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Tribune ElyseeYour billet to auto ‘Tribune Elysee’ gives you grandstand seat in thé seating area located just after auto finishing line. Adjoining thé "Presidential grandstand", thé "Élysée" grandstand enjoys a strategic location this will certainly be a pretty good assurance to watch auto proceedings. Tribune Elysee Grandstand Seats booked seating plenty of passages of the riders in front of the grandstand.  Refreshments, non-alcoholic drinks and beer. Live broadcasting conditions météorologiques giant screen. A Tour de France gift. Schedule : indigenous 17.00 to 22.00
Tour de France ‘La TerrasseLocated at Place ns la Concorde, "La Terrasse" is the ideal place to experience thé thrills du the Tour aux France! elle will it is in in auto heart of the terrain throughout thé day and will enjoy a breath-taking view du the many beautiful avenue in auto world.  Welcome et tea temps Champagne aperitif and open payot Dinner cocktail et culinary activities haut floor viewing area conditions météorologiques the "Relais Etape" autobus Tour du France gift LIVE broadcast ns the stage many passages de the riders in front du the area the "VIP Champagne" des moments A Tour du France pitié Schedule: from 17.00 to 22.00