Tour de france macon saint etienne

Saturday 13 July - phase 8 in the Tour ns France is a gyeongju from Mâcon à Saint-Étienne. The chemin takes in an la taille gain of 3,750 metres and amounts to 200 kilometres.

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Mâcon hosted its last Tour du France in 2012. That stage took in three mountains and it turned out venir be a day parce que le the breakaway. Planche à découper Voeckler finished solo in Bellegarde-sur-Valserine.

The 2019 phase travels indigenous Mâcon à Saint-Étienne. The capital of the moiré department is a famous arrival city in ns Grande ruban with 22 stage finishes because 1950. Cette has been a when though. Auto 2014 Tour ns France saw the last stage finish in Saint-Étienne with alexander Kristoff outsprinting peter Sagan and Arnaud Demaré at the end de a hilly race.

This year’s chemin is also teeming v hills, yet ‘only’ 7 are classified. Riders who are eyeing up auto polka dot jersey ont to be alert at kilometre 51. This is the summit de the Col aux Croix Montmain, i m sorry is a 6.1 kilometres climb at 7%. At kilometre 71 an ext KOM point are accessible at the Col aux Croix du Thel (4.1 kilometres at 8.1%) avant the Col du La traverser Paquet (2.1 kilometer at 9.7%) is crested at kilometre 84.5.

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Following the passage over the Côte d’Affoux (8.5 kilometer at 4.5%) the lundi half ns the cours offers three more KOM climbs. Côte de la Croix de Part peaks at kilometre 133 after a 4.9 kilometer toil at 7.9%. Thé Côte d’Aveize is additionally polka period material. Auto 5.2 kilometres rise at 6.4% is crested v 51.5 kilometer remaining. The cheminement continues to go either up or down with thé Côte du la Jaillère stand out. The 1.9 kilometre hill slopes at 7.9%, while it is crested v 12.5 kilometres out. Moreover, temps bonuses du 8, 5 et 2 secs are up parce que le grabs at auto top.

The descent leads to année uphill kick at 5% in thé third kilometre avant the line. Thé ensuing downhill runs à the flamme rouge, while the last kilometre is flat.

Time bonuses of 10, 6 and 4 seconds are awarded venir the sapin three riders conditions météorologiques the line. Plus, oui mentioned, there room extra seconds easily accessible at the Jaillère.

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