Tout feu tout flamme expression

For étranger language learners, a surefire way à demonstrate fluency is venir throw in an expression or two when you’re speaking or writing. Français has no shortage of fun et unique sayings, many du which are an especially useful in day-to-day life et can encompass a vast range du emotions and situations the aren’t quite as conveniently express in différent languages.

Vous lisez ce: Tout feu tout flamme expression

Here space 11 expression in french with no English identical that space sure to impress your francophone friends.

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1. Sauter de coq jusquà l’âne

Literally: venir jump from thé rooster to auto donkey

You’d use this expressions when you’re talking venir someone and he or she moves swiftly from one subject to de nouveau with non transition in between. Elle could say that your friend “saute ns coq jusqu’à l’âne” when elle starts talk about elle upcoming exam but then mentions sa new puppy in auto same breath: “Ça n’a nexiste pas à voir, gars sautes du coq à l’âne.

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2. Qui aime bien, châtie bien

Literally: Those who love well punishment well

A friend is someone that is joli to you all the time, cible a le meilleur friend is someone that isn’t afraid de good-natured insults and subtle ribbing from temps to time. When tu make drôle of your friend for being a terrible chef after he burns dinner, and he’s offended by your teasing, parlez him, “T’inquiète em rigole, qui amour bien châtie bien.

3. Avaler des couleuvres

Literally: to swallow garter snakes

Sometimes discretion is key in handle with certain people and certain situations, et it’s meilleur to organize your tongue also when you ont the urge à speak out. In politics, a member of Congress can personally have avec certitude convictions that aller against what divers members of her party are telling auto media, cible she can avoid speaking out sauce soja that over there is calmer a sense ns party unity; cette can be claimed that she “avale des couleuvres.”

4. Se émergence en chiens de faïence

Literally: à look at each other like earthenware dogs

There’s a bien sur look that two people who mistrust each other get when they make eye contact. The français have likened this facial expressions to that du earthenware dogs: cold et unmoving, yet encore menacing et even hostile. Once two entreprises rivals compete for the same profitable deal, “Les leur ennemis s’être regardaient en chiens ns faïence.”