Vallée Des Saints En Bretagne

Patricia Stoughton leads nous through the soft landscapes de Brittany à discover a local plan that showcases local saints. La vallée des saints (Traonienn ar sant in Breton) is a bold explain about thé enduring sens of regional culture et identity.

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You could be forgiven pour a éclair of surprisewhen arriving at La vallée des saints inCarnoët, Brittany, venir find that the terre isactually nous the top du a hill. A beautiful roundedhill like année island among undulating tide ofgreen, spanned in wild flowers during springtimeand dotted with over 50 highlight granite sculptures.Every figure is at least three à four metres high, itsface gazing the end at the countryside below et farinto the distance beyond.

There will certainly be more, parce que le the plan is à bringthe num of sculpture up to une thousand bythe end du the century. Then there will certainly be a statuerepresenting every known bretton saint, whetherrecognised passant par Rome jaune not — a monumentalundertaking described de Philippe Abjean, at theheart du the initiative, “like structure a cathedral”: along-term task lasting à la generations.

Tides ns Celtic monks fleeingpersecution par the Angles et Saxonsin the britanique Isles, flowed throughout theChannel, pass Christianity toBrittany et indelibly noting bothhistory and legend in the area. Mostsettled in auto fifth and sixth centuries, settingup areas which adopted and unofficiallysanctified their names. Many ns these deserve to be stilltraced today in thé names de villages et hamletsas well ont in larger towns such oui Saint-Malo,Saint-Brieuc and Saint-Pol-de-Léon. Et over theyears edifying stories of their liveswere passed native generation togeneration in time-honoured oraltradition. “They are the core ofour breton mythology,” explainsAbjean “and de creating thé Valléedes saint we’re saving our popularculture.”

Tides du Celtic monks fleeing persecution by the Angles et Saxons in the frère Isles, flowed across the Channel, happen Christianity venir Brittany et indelibly marking both history and legend in auto area.

Talking in auto kitchen ns oneof thé several stone outbuildingsbelonging to auto farm seulement belowthe hill, je can check out that saving Bretonculture is very close to Abjean’s heart, particularlyits religious heritage. He’s no separatist but awarethat bretton religious traditions had graduallybeen subsumed par the french after thé Duchy ofBrittany became aller of france in 1532, et particularlyafter thé Revolution in the late eighteenthcentury, Abjean was determined to do somethingabout it. In 1990 he organized a symposiumand anexhibition de church banner to marque the 1500thanniversary of terne Pol Aurélian in thé town ofSaint-Pol-de-Léon. In 1994 he turned his attentionto thé seven saint credited with auto founding ofBrittany — Brieuc, Malo, Samson,Patern, Corentin, Pol Aurélien,and Tugdual — by reviving apilgrimage known in the MiddleAges ont the Pèlerinage des Sept-Saints du Bretagne.

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About Patricia Stoughton


Dividing elle time in between London et Brittany, Patricia is a journalist and photographer specializing in french culture and history. She has written pour French regional daily, Ouest-France et has been creating over plenty of years à la France and Living France magazines.

She also writes parce que le a num of différent publications including continuous features for Church building & héritage Review et Best of anglais Magazine. Her work reflects sa interest in Franco-British cross-cultural influences et shared history.

Having written à la History Today nous WWI heroine Louise du Bettignies, that spied parce que le the British, she developed her research and took aller in the documentaire ‘The Spies who Loved Folkestone’, année episode of the un barbecue series ‘World War ns at Home’, avec a section on ns Bettignies.

In 2008 Patricia was called a Chevalière de les Tour ns Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, north France, in recognition pour her occupational on de Bettignies and artist calcul Lorthioir, both natives of the town.

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She can regularly be seen on the South bank of thé Thames v her caméra recording street performers, skateboarders et life around thé river.