marian RUSSE. Present ont a commentator pour the Tour aux France marqué also a consultant in Vélo société since 2017, marian Rousse is absent this year for personal reasons.


Viewers accustomed to auto Tour du France were surprised not à find marion Rousse commenting on the stages cible also nous the Vélo société program this year. Indeed, auto young sports journalist, yet present on the roads du the tour with france Télévisions due to the fact that 2017, has chose to éliminer herself for this edition. Et for an excellent reason, elle gave birth à a bébé boy on june 14, 2021, seulement a couple of days before the start du the Tour. Elle therefore enjoys a well-deserved maternity leave. It is additionally with Nino, sa little boy, that she follows with good interest the journey of elle companion. Julian Alaphilippe during auto Tour de France 2021. Conditions météorologiques Instagram, marian Rousse explained the situation plainly to sa fans. “Many du you ask je the question … et no, non comments to auto Tour de France this year pour me … Need venir occupy myself and take care of my little Nino who is 10 work old, to also uncover this nouveau role de mom and to recover physically et emotionally from this whirlwind of life “.

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Biography of marian Rousse – Born conditions météorologiques the 19th august 1991 in Saint-Saulve, marion Rousse is a constitue French cyclist who came to be a tv journalist. Marian Rousse came to be known to auto general public by joining the la france TV comment team nous the Tour aux France in 2017. The one who formerly presented thé Antargaz combativity prize at auto end of each stage was currently a continual at the Great Loop pour several reasons. Currently family: his father, Didier Rousse, but above tous his cousins ​​David and Laurent Lefèvre as well ont Olivier Bonnaire, tous of lock cycled at more or less high level. Even if her father is reluctant venir put elle on a bicycle, she signs her sapin license at 6 years old “in secret“. Time passes et cycling takes more place in Marion’s life:” ns went à competitions every weekend. When je was on vacation, je took the opportunity venir train more. On weekends, there was ne sont pas question ns going out through boyfriends and girlfriends because je had competitions, “she assured Télé-Loisirs a few years ago. Sacrifices that end up paying éteindre since ‘in 2012, she achieved a actual feat: the doubs at the français championships. In elle native North, elle is sacré among thé hopefuls cible also among auto elites. Elle notoriety inevitably climbs, elle is spotted by Eurosport and is quickly caught in auto TV démontrer game. “I don’t have the impressionnant of going to work every day”, says the one who also intervened in phase 2 et Tout ns sport, sauce soja much soja that she preferred venir put an end to her sports career venir devote herself completely to sa role ont a consultant.

The affronter of marian Rousse is no unknown venir lovers du the Tour du France, frais from it. Indeed, indigenous 2013 venir 2016, ont hostess, she awarded auto Antargaz combativity prize every work to auto runner deemed thé most deserving par a panel du experts. In 2017, elle became a member du the jury designating thé “Super Combatif ns Tour” rider. Toujours in 2017, marian Rousse ended up being a consultant parce que le France Télévisions on the routes ns the Tour ns France. She thus participates in auto comments of stages but also in the program Vélo club presented de Laurent Luyat. Still on the auditeur service, elle can show up in des sports broadcasts stadion 2 and Tout ns sport (France 3) in her capacity as a to ride bicycle expert.

Each year à la the broadcast ns the Tour aux France, the auditeur service organizes the tous les jours program Vélo société to accompany auto Tour. Orchestrated par Laurent Luyat, the show looks back conditions météorologiques today’s stage cible also nous the Tour de France ont a whole. Marian Rousse has actually been nous stage since 2017, once the démontrer was entrusted to launt Luyat.

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Ronde du Bourgogne 2011 – success in the general classer + second stageFrench roadway champion 2012French champion nous the road 20123rd at the 2012 Plumelec dénormes Prix

Marion Rousse common the tons of the cyclist Tony Gallopin for a longue time. The two athletes met in 2008 antérieur à getting married in 2014. The coupler separated in 2019 after twelve year together, five de which ont husband et wife. Conditions météorologiques Instagram, marian Rousse had told her ventilateur of their decision: “After 12 years, Tony and I have been separated for a couple of months (…) i will always keep a de nombreux of affecter and kindness parce que le our story and for the person v whom I ont shared toutes les personnes these year “.

It to be during année interview v L’Equipe in April 2020 the Julian Alaphilippe formalized his partnership with marion Rousse. He announces that hey is confined with the des sports journalist who currently shares his life. “She is really adorable, elle supports me, encourages me, a guy like moi who is hyperactive, that would need to take the aéronautiques often!” At the end du January 2021, marion Rousse announces that they room expecting a happy event.

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In juin 2021, just a few days avant the start de the Tour de France 2021, Julian Alaphilippe et Marion Rousse announced that they had welcomed a little boy named Nino. Cette is nous Instagram that the paire made the nouvelles official: Nino Alaphilippe was bondir on june 14, 2021. “And suddenly, a tsunami of love” commented marion Rousse while her companion Julian Alaphilippe likewise seemed à melt for her son: ” i love you haricot de soja much “we might read nous his main Instagram account.